The constant changes in Bozeman's development can be hard to keep up with. New apartment buildings, hotels, and major developments are changing Bozeman's landscape. If you want to know exactly what's happening in Bozeman, here is the latest. 

Bozeman's Downtown Development
Bozeman Downtown Development

The latest on projects underway downtown including the AC Hotel, Armory Hotel, Black Olive, One 11 Lofts & more. 

Downtown Development

Condo & Townhome Developments

Condo & Townhome Developments in Bozeman

Learn more about the recent townhome and condo developments in Bozeman. 

Condo & Townhome Development

The Cannery District

Cannery District Development Bozeman

Bozeman's Cannery District has entered its final phase of development. Learn more about the projects underway.

Cannery District Development

Bozeman's Midtown Development

Midtown Bozeman RSVP Hotel

Bozeman's 7th Avenue used to be known as the "commercial strip".  Learn more about how it's become a focal point of redevelopment with new hotels, a brewery and music venue all planned for the future.  

Midtown Development

Northeast Bozeman Development

Bozeman's Northeast Developments

This eclectic neighborhood has seen a lot of change over the years home to bakeries, industry and bike shops.  Learn more about the latest development plans that include plenty of residential opportunities.  

Northeast Development

Ferguson Farm Development

Ferguson Farm Development Bozeman

The most prominent commercial district on Bozeman's west side is home to Sidewinders, The Market and the future home of Town & Country Foods. Find out everything that's happening at Ferguson Farm.

Development in Ferguson Farm

Latest News About Development in Bozeman

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