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Selling Your Property

Here at Bozeman Real Estate Group, we take a progressive approach to marketing your home, ensuring that your home is well-represented online, in print, and in person. We are constantly working to stay up to date with changing marketing strategies so that we know where your potential home buyers are, and how to reach them. 

We are the highest-producing independent real estate office in Bozeman with the strongest online presence in our market. When you list with our office, your home will be prominently featured on our website and syndicated to more than 80 national websites. We also offer 3D tours, professional photography, social media exposure, email marketing, and so much more! When you list your home with our office, you can rest assured that you are getting the best representation and marketing for your property.

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We Sell!

We are the highest producing independent real estate office in Bozeman


Average Closings

Out of the top producing real estate offices in our area, we have the highest number of transactions per agent, per year


Years of Experience

Our agents have more than 425 collective years of experience working in the real estate industry


Highly Reviewed

Bozeman Real Estate Group is the highest rated real estate office in Bozeman


Visitors Per Day

Our website has an average of 650 visitors per day, 19,500 per month and more than 230,000 per year



Our blogs are viewed more than 20,000 times each month

Professional Imagery

We take representing your home seriously, and we want it to look its best! Our photographers will take professional photos of your home. If you have a larger property, we may also have aerial photos taken. Our team will also shoot a 3D tour of your home which will create a realistic, fully immersive walkthrough experience for potential buyers. 

Flyover Videos

If you are looking for a unique way to market your property, you will love our Flyover videos. These videos use imagery from Google Earth to fly over your property, highlighting its proximity to parks, schools, trails, and anything else that makes your property unique. This allows potential buyers to get a birds-eye view of your property and its location.

Featured on Zillow

Zillow Listing Showcase is available to only 10% of listings, and right now we are the only real estate office in our market taking advantage of this program. Listing with us means your property will get amplified exposure in buyer searches on Zillow, email alerts featuring your property will go out to Zillow's customer database, and your property will be differentiated from all the other listings on


When buyer demand exceeds the supply of homes available it is a seller’s market. When inventory is low, the sellers have the advantage. Homes sell faster and because buyers are competing there can be a multiple-offer situation. During a seller’s market, it is not uncommon for homes to go asking price and for contingencies to be waived.

First impressions are critical when you decide to put your home on the market so there are a few key items to get your home ready to sell. First, declutter! It’s hard for a potential home buyer to visualize living in your home if it’s full. Next, make any necessary repairs. Once you’ve decluttered and tackled your fix-it list it’s time to clean and depersonalize so you’re ready for photos and to get your home on the market.

Yes! It’s important to find an agent that you click with because they will be your partner during the home-selling journey. They will give you advice, help get your home ready to sell, and guide you through the paperwork. You want an experienced agent with a solid team behind them to help market your property. At Bozeman Real Estate Group we take a progressive approach to marketing your home to ensure it is well-represented online, in print, and in person. As the highest-producing independently owned real estate office in Bozeman we have a team of experienced agents that can help you list your home.

The listing fee is essentially the cost you pay to an agent for listing your property and providing services associated with it. Marketing costs usually include professional photos, virtual tours, print materials, online ads, etc. Other services are getting your home on their multiple listing provider, websites, scheduling showings, guiding your through negotiations, and getting you to the closing table. The listing fee is not paid until the home is sold and is based off the sales price.

Contingent means depending on certain circumstances so in real estate if you see a home listed as contingent it means an offer has been accepted but before it closes some sort of criteria must be met. Often in real estate, you will find finance or inspection contingencies meaning the offer could change based on the buyer’s ability to get financing or what might show up on an inspection. These are very common in real estate transactions.

Marketing Your Home

Every real estate agent claims to offer the best marketing you can find. How do you sift through all the noise to find out how your property will actually be marketed, and to who? Our company has the strongest online presence in our market which means when you list with our office, your home will be seen by thousands of potential buyers. We also offer free 3D tours, professional photography, social media exposure and so much more.


Guide to Selling Your Property

In a fast-paced real estate market like the one we are experiencing in Bozeman, Montana it's easy to think selling your home will be simple. However, real estate is always changing so whether this is the first home you've sold or the tenth, the process of selling your home will be different each time. This guide will walk you through the process of selling your home in Bozeman right now. It will walk you through the steps of getting your home ready to sell, all the way to the closing


The Value of Your Home

Montana is a non-disclosure state which means the sold price of a home is not public information. To accurately determine the value of your home, you will need to know what homes in your neighborhood have recently sold for. That's where we come in! Our agents will generate a free home evaluation for your property, and together you can determine the ideal listing price for your property.


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