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According to the National Association of Realtors, the most used information source for all homebuyers under the age of 70 was websites. While marketing your home outside of the online world is a key step in the marketing process, we believe that your home’s online presence comes first. Homes listed with our office syndicate to more than 80 real estate websites.

Making sure your home is well represented with high-quality photos, a well-written property description, and as much accurate information as possible is our #1 priority. We want to make sure your home is seen by all those potential home buyers browsing homes online on a Saturday night.  Your home will be listed with premier placement on the top 3 most visited real estate websites in the U.S, Zillow, Trulia, and On top of that, your home will be prominently featured on the Bozeman Real Estate Group website which receives more than 9,500 visitors per month.


When working with a Bozeman Real Estate Group agent, you get a benefit that no for-sale-by-owner will ever have access to. The MLS system. With a network of over 1,600 real estate brokers, agents and affiliates in Southwest Montana this is the absolute best way to get your property in front of the people who can sell it. No for-sale-by-owner website, sign in the yard, or Craigslist ad can do this for you.


Are you an avid Instagrammer? Or have you barely just heard of that “Facebook” thing everybody keeps talking about? Regardless of where you are on the social media spectrum, there’s no doubt you at least recognize its importance in our world. Did you know that YouTube reaches more 18-49 year old's than any cable network in the U.S? Or that 68% of adults in the United States are on Facebook? On top of that, 76% of Facebook users visit the site daily, which means there are more than 1.6 billion visitors per day worldwide.

This is why we believe that there is much more to selling your home than traditional real estate marketing. We know where potential buyers are spending their time online, and our marketing strategy is to go to them rather than wait for them to come to us. What’s even better? The online world makes it easy for professionals with an established following to target the specific people we know will be interested in buying your home.

More than 2 million businesses are using social media advertising. Do you really want to work with a company that isn’t?


Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and we work hard to generate that for your property.  In many offices, you’ll find that everyone is just looking out for themselves.  That’s not how we do things at Bozeman Real Estate Group.  When a new listing comes on the market, the home is put on an office tour for our agents to preview so everyone can work together to get it sold.  Aside from inner office networking, our agents are active members of the Bozeman community.  Most are involved in non-profits, active in local schools and sit on a board or two.  This means we are constantly out and about networking and making connections with potential buyers for your home.

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