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Moving to Bozeman

Are you thinking about moving to Bozeman, Montana? There are a few things that our team here at Bozeman Real Estate Group think you should know first. 

Being a Real Estate Agent is Easy

The real estate agents at Bozeman Real Estate Group are here to tell you that being a real estate agent is easy. Really, there's nothing to it! 

Who We Are

We are more than just a team of Bozeman real estate agents. We are volunteers in our community, bikers, golfers, outdoorsmen, athletes, fishermen, community members, fathers, mothers, brothers, and foster parents. We are contractors, builders, veterans, and business owners. Watch this video to learn more about who we are at Bozeman Real Estate Group.

About Us

Bozeman Real Estate Group was founded out of a greater need for a real estate office that could give back to both the clients and the community. Our real estate office is locally owned and operated and our real estate agents have more than 275 collective years of experience. 

Choose Local

If you are looking for a local real estate company in Bozeman, you've found the place. In Bozeman, we choose local for our food, our entertainment, our shopping and for our community. When it comes to real estate, choose local. 

Ask a Bozeman Real Estate Agent

Who is moving to Bozeman, Montana?

Bozeman is booming, there is no doubt about that. But who exactly is moving here? The real estate agents at Bozeman Real Estate Group answer that question in this video.

Why Are People Moving to Montana

Is it the wide-open spaces? The outdoor recreation opportunities? Or the 7 month long winters? The real estate agents at Bozeman Real Estate Group answer the question, why are people moving to Montana? 

All About Bozeman with Kelly Smith

What are winters like in Bozeman, Montana? 

In this series, "All About Bozeman with Kelly Smith & Bozeman Real Estate Group" Kelly talks about what winters are really like in Bozeman, Montana. 

Bozeman Neighborhoods - Tour of Bozeman's South Side

Welcome to this tour of Bozeman's southside neighborhoods. In this video, I will take you through Bozeman's most popular southside neighborhoods! We will talk about the neighborhood amenities, their proximity to trails, Montana State University, and downtown. I will show you what each neighborhood looks like and we will talk about the benefits of living in each Bozeman neighborhood.

Bozeman Neighborhoods - Tour of Downtown Bozeman

Welcome to this tour of the neighborhoods just south of downtown Bozeman. In this video, we will talk about the benefits of living near downtown Bozeman. We will tour the historic downtown neighborhoods as well as a retirement community, and talk about the new construction homes available in this area as well!

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