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Bozeman Development: The South Side is Booming

Bozeman Development: The South Side is Booming

On Sep 26, 2022

Take a drive down South 19th Avenue these days and you can’t help but notice all the new development along the way. Excavation has begun at Blackwood Groves Subdivision, the first phase of homes at Gran Cielo are complete, there is a 4-story apartment building under construction at the corner of 19th and Kagy, and for sale signs on the edge of large parcels of land are a sign of what’s to come.

For more than a decade the majority of residential construction in Bozeman has been focused on the west side of Bozeman. Countless subdivisions have been developed in this area over the last two decades, turning what used to be farmland into closely set residential areas. But as demand for housing in our valley reaches a fever pitch, developers are setting their sights on the land south of Bozeman.

Right now, there are three major subdivisions and 5 mixed-use developments underway within a one-mile radius along South 19th Avenue. Based on plans submitted to the city, we are estimating that well over 1,500 residences will be built in this small corner of Bozeman over the next few years.

This map allows you to explore all of the ongoing developments on Bozeman's south side.

And while changes like this come with many growing pains, we are also facing a brutal housing shortage that these developments will help alleviate. Blackwood Groves will be bringing more than 180 single-family homes to the market along with 22 lots for townhomes and 15 multi-family lots that will provide an unknown number of additional housing units. The Gran Cielo subdivision has a total of 124 residential lots with a mix of condos, townhomes, and single-family homes available. Phase 4 of the Allison Subdivision will develop 48+/- acres into single-family, townhome, and multi-family homes.

When the Annex apartments are completed there will be 134 rental apartments available as “workforce housing”, available to residents making 80-120% of the area’s median income. The Nexus Point Apartments will bring over 250 two-bedroom apartments to the rental market, and the Icon Apartment Homes (not to be confused with the Icon Apartments on the west side) will bring 460 one, two, and three-bedroom units to the rental market. The proposed University Crossing building would include 59 dwelling units in two mixed-use buildings.

Phase 3 of the South University District is set to develop 75 acres of farmland on the corner of South 19th and Kagy Boulevard into a mix of high-density housing, commercial, residential, and park space. A 97-acre parcel of land on Stucky Road and 19th Ave has been proposed as a mixed-use development by the same group that developed the Cannery District. This development, called West University Properties is still moving through the process of rezoning for commercial and residential development.

Currently on the market, there is a 98-acre parcel of land ready for development that was listed in September 2022, a 3.6-acre parcel of R-3 zoned land just south of Bobcat Stadium, a potential commercial development near South 3rd and Goldenstein, and more. 

Near the existing Meadow Creek Subdivision the new Buffalo Run development. The proposed site plan for the Buffalo Run subdivision includes 237 homes in seven apartment buildings, eight row houses, and fourteen duplexes. Also included in the plans is an expansion of the Meadow Creek park by two acres with the addition of a basketball court, dog park, and trails. This development is currently in the administrative review process and there is not a set timeline but if approved they hope to start winter 2023.

This is a massive amount of development within one small corner of Bozeman, and while a large number of housing units will certainly be a relief for the housing market, this development will also have a big impact on what has long been a lower density area of Bozeman.

If you have any questions regarding these upcoming developments or about the properties for sale, please reach out to us.

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