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Gallatin Valley Mall Redevelopment Plans

Gallatin Valley Mall Redevelopment Plans

On Sep 19, 2022

The Gallatin Valley Mall has come a long way since the days of the red carpet and polar bear! While we occasionally get nostalgic for those old days, we are excited about the upcoming changes. The Gallatin Valley Mall has big plans for redevelopment with Whole Foods being the first significant addition as the first Whole Foods location in Montana. Bozeman was designated as the fastest-growing small city in the United States (according to the U.S. Census Bureau) and is continually ranked the #1 Micropolitan area in terms of economic strength (, so it is no wonder we are attracting these kinds of businesses. There is not a proposed opening date yet for Whole Foods, but hopefully sometime in 2023.

The next phase of the Gallatin Valley Mall redevelopment involves the demolition of the east end of the mall, between Barnes & Noble and what was previously JCPenney. The vision will transform the enclosed mall into a "Main Street" retail experience.  The plans for the 37-acre property will add an additional 15,000 feet of retail space after major construction. It will happen over several phases which we will update here as they are announced. 

There is a new tenant planned for the JCPenney space once it is remodeled. They have not announced who this new tenant will be, but stay tuned! Part of the area being demolished will become a through road to provide access to this new space and parking. They plan to begin this phase in early 2023 and there will be little impact on the front of the mall with all stores remaining open as usual. 

Over the past several years malls have been closing across the nation as the way people shop and find entertainment is changing. The Gallatin Mall Group is adapting to these changing times with a redevelopment plan for the shopping center. The Gallatin Mall Group is partnering with a team of three companies to strategize, plan, and execute the redevelopment. This concept is something we have been seeing in Bozeman with Ferguson Farms, the Cannery District, and the upcoming Northwest Crossing.

*Photo credit Gallatin Valley Mall

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