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Bozeman’s Northeast Developments

Bozeman’s Northeast Developments

Bozeman's northeast side has quickly been developing into an eclectic, thriving, and busy area.  If you're a native or long-time Bozeman local, you'll remember the northeast side of Bozeman as being a "rough" part of town.  But over the past decade, more businesses have found their way to the northeast side and it has become a hub for artists, coffee shops, tech companies, breweries, and restaurants. In recent years, we've seen significant developments in areas like the Cannery District, the Mill District and the Brewery District that have brought life to what used to be Bozeman's industrial area. Three-story residential buildings are filling up old abandoned lots and plans are on the table for a 2-acre parcel to be developed into an entire live/work community. Keep reading for details.  Photo credit:

Cottonwood and Ida - Mixed-Use Neighborhood

The Cottonwood and Ida project on Bozeman's Northeast side will be the largest development to date in this area of Bozeman. Thinktank, the developers behind the project are the same developers who revitalized the Rialto Theatre and built the Lark Hotel. The Cottonwood and Ida project has been approved by the city to include 24 single-family townhomes and 68 apartments. The developers state that the goal for this project is to "provide housing at reasonable prices while maintaining the integrity of the existing community." The community will be walkable and bikable and will have 20,000 sq.ft of public plazas and landscaped areas. The project will also include a variety of commercial spaces with space for offices, retail and artist studios. There will be public plaza spaces and a pavilion designed for CSA drop-offs, private events, and public meetings. 

According to the proposal submitted to the city, the project will be built with its surrounding area in mind, placing the residential units along Ida Avenue and the commercial buildings along Cottonwood and Wallace so that they join with the existing commercial buildings in the area. The largest building will be the 3 story apartment building, and there will be a walkway that will connect to almost 30,000 square feet of offices. The old Misco Mill will remain as a center in the outdoor public area while the plan is to change the grain warehouse into a restaurant. Photo credit:

BG Mill Project

Plans for a 5 story, mixed-use building just one block from Main Street include 10 luxury residential units, office, and commercial space. It is claimed that this will be the "most exclusive mid-rise residential offering" in downtown Bozeman. The mill building is a recognizable landmark in Bozeman that has sat vacant for decades. While the building can't be repurposed, the developers hope to reclaim two of its silos as part of the design of the new building. The BG Mill project is currently for sale for $2,800,000. That price includes the half-acre lot and the approved plans for the mixed-use buildings. Click here to see the property listing. 

The Cannery Flats

One of the final buildings in the Cannery District development is the Cannery Flats. This will be the first and only residential building in the Cannery District. It is expected to include 52 apartments and ground floor commercial space. There will be a studio, one & two bedrooms along with a lounge, fitness area and a "green space terrace". Visit for more information or check out this video


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