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BG Mill Development in Downtown Bozeman Moves Forward

BG Mill Development in Downtown Bozeman Moves Forward

On May 23, 2024

Plans to develop a portion of the lot where the old grain mill on Mendenhall and Wallace have been in the works for years. But the project has now been approved by the city, and the new BG Mill residences have been listed for sale.

Here’s what we know:

The BG Mill project would demolish the buildings on the east corner of the lot and construct a five-story residential building that will consist of 19 residential units, a ground-level parking garage, and residential amenities. Ag Depot, Inc and the grain elevator on the west side of this development are not a part of the project and remain in business. Which is the only locally-owned grain elevator and farm store in Bozeman!

According to the city, the existing buildings are no longer habitable and cannot be structurally rehabilitated in a way that complies with zoning or building code.

The applicant is planning on doing selective demolition, where materials on the historic building are salvaged and repurposed.

While the project has not yet broken ground, several of the condos have been listed on the market with prices starting at just over $2 million dollars. Scroll down to see the listings.

No public comments were received on this project.

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