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Wallace Works - New Development Proposed in Northeast Bozeman

Wallace Works - New Development Proposed in Northeast Bozeman

On Jan 13, 2023

Wallace Works, a new development has been proposed for Bozeman's northeast side. The location of this development is at the intersection of N. Wallace and E. Tamarack. The project proposal includes 5 buildings and 58 dwellings. There will be both residential and commercial space. A parking structure is included in the proposal. The residential buildings will include 42 apartment units, 11 rowhomes, and five live-work units. There will be a mix of for sale and rent. They are planning for 10% of the rental units to be affordable housing and the remainder to be attainable based on the median income of the area. 

A restaurant is proposed to be included in the commercial space, which would add to the community they hope to create in this development. The Northeast side of Bozeman strives to keep a sense of community in the area by including a mix of residential and commercial properties to encourage a space where people live, work, and play. 

The northeast neighborhoods have a unique vibe and the developer hopes to keep this part of the development. It is the same group behind the Lark Motel and Rialto. 

This project is currently in the proposal stage and the status will be updated here as it moves forward. 

For more information on developments in northeast Bozeman, click here.  For more information on all Bozeman developments, click here

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