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5 Building Development with a Parking Garage Approved on North Wallace

5 Building Development with a Parking Garage Approved on North Wallace

On Jan 15, 2024

A new development has received preliminary approval from the city in Bozeman’s brewery district. The 5-building development is proposed at 801 N Wallace on what is now a vacant lot.

This location was originally home to a brewery that was built by the Lehrkind family in 1895. The brewery was the biggest building in Bozeman until the fieldhouse at Montana State University was built. The brewery closed during the prohibition and then became a coal and ice plant.

Ultimately, the majority of the building was torn down in 2007 but one wall remained standing until 2014. The lot has since been vacant.

The "Wallace Works" project was submitted to the city last year and has now been approved. The development will include 11 rowhomes, 5 live-work units, 42 one-bedroom units, and 16 studio apartments. The development will also include street-level commercial storefronts and a 5-level parking garage with 200+ parking spaces.

The developers behind the project are Nest Partners, the same developers who worked on the Lark Motel and the Rialto. In an interview with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in January 2023, developer Erik Nelson said that they want to maintain the “funkiness and grit” of the northeast neighborhood. “We’re doing our best from a site plan and landscaping perspective to not make it totally polished like it landed here from some other community.”

We will continue to update this post as we learn more about this development. To stay up to date on development news like this, you can sign up for our Local Information newsletter here.


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