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Real Estate Development in South Bozeman is Exploding

Real Estate Development in South Bozeman is Exploding

On Nov 23, 2023

Take a drive down South 19th Avenue these days and you can’t help but notice all the new developments along the way. There are several new apartment buildings that have recently been completed, construction is well underway at the Blackwood Groves Subdivision, the first phase of homes at Gran Cielo are complete, and for sale signs on the edge of large parcels of land are a sign of what’s to come.

For more than a decade the majority of residential construction in Bozeman was focused on the west side of Bozeman. Countless subdivisions have been developed in this area turning what used to be farmland into closely set residential areas. And while development on the west side continues, the land on the south side of Bozeman is seeing some major changes.

Based on plans submitted to the city, we are estimating that well over 3,000 residences will be built on Bozeman’s south side in the next few years.

This map allows you to explore all of the ongoing developments on Bozeman's south side.

And while changes like this come with many growing pains, we are also facing a housing shortage that these developments will help alleviate. Blackwood Groves will be bringing more than 180 single-family homes to the market along with 22 lots for townhomes and 15 multi-family lots that will provide an unknown number of additional housing units. The Gran Cielo subdivision has a total of 124 residential lots with a mix of condos, townhomes, and single-family homes available. Phase 4 of the Allison Subdivision will develop 48+/- acres into single-family, townhome, and multi-family homes.

The recently completed Annex Apartments have brought 134 rentals to the market, Nexus Point Apartments will bring over 250 two-bedroom apartments to the rental market, and the 19th and Graf development will bring 460 one, two, and three-bedroom units to the rental market.

There are plans submitted for the South University District to develop 75 acres of land on the corner of South 19th and Kagy Boulevard into a mix of high-density housing, commercial, residential, and park space. Proposed projects within this development are The Cottages which would bring 256 housing units, and The Flats which would bring 243 housing units that will likely be geared towards student housing for MSU students. 

At the corner of Kagy Blvd and 19th Ave, there is a 5-story building proposed for the old location of the Bozeman Church of Christ. This building would include 184 dwelling units, a parking garage, a fitness center, a study lounge, and a courtyard. 

A 95-acre parcel of land on Stucky Road and 19th Ave has been proposed as a mixed-use development by the same group that developed the Cannery District. This development now called “Aaker” is in the review phase with the city of Bozeman proposing dividing the property into 7 buildable lots, 1 park lot, 2 common open space lots, and 1 lot set aside for future development.

Near the existing Meadow Creek Subdivision is the new Buffalo Run development. Plans for the Buffalo Run subdivision include 237 homes in seven apartment buildings, eight-row houses, and fourteen duplexes. According to the developer, this will be Bozeman's first "resort-style" development with two oversized spas, an outdoor yoga area, a community center with fitness and locker rooms, a gourmet outdoor demonstration kitchen, grills and firepits, a pond with a performance stage for concerts and gatherings and a community garden. 

Currently on the market, there is a 10-acre lot on Stucky Road that is ready for development, a 20-acre parcel on S. 19th that is zoned for commercial mixed-use, and a 1-acre property on S. 3rd Ave with an existing structure that is proposing the potential to build multi-family housing units.

This is a massive amount of development within one small corner of Bozeman, and while a large number of housing units will be a relief for the housing market, this development will also have a big impact on what has long been a lower-density area of Bozeman.

If you have any questions regarding these upcoming developments or about the properties for sale, please reach out to us.

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