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Where Are the Best Areas to Live in Bozeman, Montana?

Where Are the Best Areas to Live in Bozeman, Montana?

On Apr 04, 2023

Every part of Bozeman is a good place to live in our opinion! However, depending on your lifestyle, some areas of Bozeman might be a better fit. As Bozeman continues to grow, each area of town is developing its own unique character. In this list, we will break down the different neighborhoods in Bozeman, what they offer, subdivisions in the area, and why they are a good place to live in Bozeman. 


West Bozeman is one of the fastest-growing parts of town and a great place to live in Bozeman! In west Bozeman, you will find new subdivisions along with more established neighborhoods, several of Bozeman's schools, and a lot of commercial development. Because of the proximity to schools and great parks, west Bozeman lends itself well to families. Emily Dickinson, Meadowlark, and Hyalite Elementary are all tucked into neighborhoods on Bozeman's west side. Chief Joseph Middle School and Gallatin High School are located in this area, as are two of Bozeman's private schools. In the heart of west Bozeman is the 100-Acre Regional Park with the kid-friendly Dinosaur playground, ponds, a dog park, and trails that connect with the Main Street to Mountains trail.

It’s not just residential development in this area that has been booming, Ferguson Farm is a huge commercial development that sits off Cottonwood Road on Bozeman's west side. It is home to restaurants, shops, and a brewery and is quickly becoming a favorite among west side residents. The next phase of Ferguson Farm was just approved and is moving forward. Northwest Crossing, a new master-planned community recently broke ground. It will be kitty-corner to Gallatin High School at Oak and Cottonwood. The plan includes over 700 residences and commercial space that will consist of dining, retail, office, and entertainment. This will be another huge addition to the west side of town. Learn more about development in northwest Bozeman here.

3 Reasons to Love West Bozeman

1. 100-Acre Regional Park

2. Close to schools

3. Ferguson Farm

3 Best Subdivisions in West Bozeman

1. Baxter Meadows

2. Valley West

3. Flanders Mill


The south side has always been one of the most coveted areas to live in Bozeman. And rightfully so! Living on the south side of Bozeman means you are right between downtown and the mountains. Within 10 minutes, you can either be having dinner on Main Street or on your way to Hyalite Canyon for a hike. Living on the south side means you are in close proximity to Montana State University, the Museum of the Rockies, and some of the best in-town trails like the Gallagator and Sourdough Trail.

Some of Bozeman’s best older neighborhoods are on the south side along with several new subdivisions like Gran Cielo, Southbridge, and the upcoming Blackwood Groves subdivision. The south side has many wonderful neighborhoods, nice areas that cater to retirees, and because of the proximity to Montana State University, several areas that are suited for college rentals.

3 Reasons to Love South Bozeman

1. Proximity to downtown & mountains

2. Established neighborhoods

3. Great schools

3 Best Subdivisions on the South Side

1. Alder Creek

2. Westfield

3. Gran Cielo


The northeast area of Bozeman has changed more than any other in recent years. This used to be the industrial part of Bozeman with modest homes and quiet neighborhoods. Now, many of the modest homes are being remodeled into larger, modern homes creating an eclectic mix of residences and residents in this area. There are also a number of recently built industrial-style condominiums in this area like the Mill Street Lofts and Block 106. There are fantastic businesses in northeast Bozeman like Treeline Coffee, Wild Crumb, and Mountains Walking Brewery, creating a well-rounded community. There is definitely a funky vibe to the northeast side of Bozeman, drawing in young professionals and families alike.

For most of this area, there aren’t specific subdivisions, however, there are some new developments. The Cottonwood and Ida project is a big one with plans for residential units along with artist studios and industrial space. They have big plans that you can read more about here. The people living and working in northeast Bozeman are striving to preserve this unique area of Bozeman and have developed their own neighborhood association, NENA, to preserve the character of northeast Bozeman. Fun fact: each year the northeast Bozeman neighborhoods host a "Parade of Sheds" to showcase the eclectic homes in this neighborhood.

3 Reasons to Love Northeast Bozeman

1. The unique vibe

2. Access to awesome businesses

3. The eclectic mix of homes


Everyone loves downtown Bozeman! Main Street could not be any more charming, and the historic homes that surround it are beautiful. Living in Bozeman downtown means you can walk to restaurants, shopping, and all the fun community events that happen here. (Bonus points - you don’t have to worry about parking downtown!) In recent years there have been big changes happening downtown, with more to come in the next few years. This has caused a lot of conversations about where Bozeman's urban growth should be going. Right now it's going up, with many high-rise developments within blocks of Main Street. Whatever your thoughts on development, everyone really wants the same thing…to preserve what is so wonderful about downtown Bozeman.

We love the locally-owned stores and restaurants, the historic neighborhoods, and the charm of downtown Bozeman. This is where you’ll find several of the best city parks, like Lindley Park, Bogert Park Cooper Park, and Beall Park. Peets Hill and other trails are nearby, and you will find the older Bozeman elementary schools- Hawthorn, Irving, and Longfellow here.

When it comes to living downtown, there are many different options. There are beautiful historic homes that line Willson, Tracy, and Grand Avenue but there are also new urban living options like 5 West, SOBO Lofts, Block M, the Nebo Lofts, or the to-be-built units in the Henry.

3 Reasons to Love Downtown Bozeman

1. Beautiful historic homes

2. Walking distance to everything

3. Mature trees, parks & trails


Up until recently, Midtown was just North 7th Avenue which was nothing more than a commercial strip in the center of Bozeman. But in 2015 the Bozeman city commission approved the "North 7th Renewal Plan" and renamed the area Midtown. In the past few years, businesses began to take shape and now there are several urban-style residential developments in the area making it a great place to live in Bozeman. The Monarch, West Peach Condos, Aspen Crossing, and Ruh Building are all new mixed-use buildings in Midtown that have residential and commercial space. With new restaurants, the Elm, and of course a brewery or two, this is becoming a very cool place to live. For more information on the development in Midtown, click here. Photo credit Donnie Olson Real Estate

3 Reasons to Love Midtown

1. It's the next cool neighborhood

2. Many new businesses opening

3. Accessibility to downtown


If you are looking for more elbow room in Bozeman, you have to get out of town. Bozeman is surrounded by beautiful places to live in the foothills of our mountains. North of town in the Springhill and Sypes Canyon area, are several established and very desirable subdivisions. They feature large homes on nice-sized lots. The views of the Bridger Mountains and the Gallatin Valley are pretty spectacular on the north edge of Bozeman.

If you head east of Bozeman towards Bridger Bowl, you’ll find subdivisions like Legends and Creekwood. This is a nice area for the skiers because you’re already on the way to Bridger Bowl!

South of town, you are near Hyalite Canyon, making after-work hikes in the mountains or a quick trip to the reservoir a possibility. There are many trails in this part of town that are right in the backyard of homes in the area. Kirk Hill, Sourdough Canyon, and Leverich Canyon are a few of our favorites. Click here to see all the subdivisions in this area.

3 Reasons to Love Being on the Outskirts of Bozeman


2. More space inside & out

3. Close to mountain recreation

3 Best Subdivisions on the Outskirts of Bozeman

1. Legends at Bridger Creek

2. Hyalite View Estates

3. Spirit Hills


As the growth of Bozeman spreads west, Four Corners is seeing an increase in both residential and commercial development. Living in Four Corners offers easy access to the Gallatin River and makes an easy commute to Big Sky and Belgrade. Elk Grove was one of the first subdivisions in the area and is now the most established. North Star, Gallatin Heights, and Middle Creek Parklands are newer subdivisions that are seeing a lot of development. Four Corners is gaining popularity with more neighborhoods that offer larger homes on big lots.

3 Reasons to Love Four Corners

1. Larger lots and homes

2. Easy commute to Big Sky and Belgrade

3. Home to some great restaurants 

3 Best Subdivision in Four Corners
1. Elk Grove

2. Middle Creek Parklands

3. Gallatin Heights



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