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The west side of Bozeman used to pretty much end at the Gallatin Valley Mall. My, how times have changed! Over the last few years, west Bozeman has exploded and expands all the way out to Four Corners with new businesses, subdivisions, and schools along the way. There’s a ton of appeal to the west side of Bozeman and with the other parts of town edging up to mountains, it’s the logical place for Bozeman to grow. Here’s why west Bozeman is where it's at!

1. New High School

It is big news for Bozeman to finally be getting a second high school. Gallatin High School opened in Fall 2020 and it is beautiful! With such a big addition to this end of town, there are sure to be more businesses and neighborhoods to follow. The school boundaries have been finalized and for many moving into town or thinking of making a move within town these boundaries will be taken into consideration. Aside from the new Bozeman high school, west Bozeman has three elementary schools, one middle school and two private schools.

2. New Neighborhoods

There are more subdivisions than ever on the west side of town and new homes going up every day! Flanders Mill is one of the biggest new developments and is filling in quickly. Valley West is a more established subdivision that was one of the first on this end of town and continues to add new phases. As you head towards Four Corners you’ll find Loyal Gardens, Middle Creek Parklands, Falcon Hollow and Woodland Park. The subdivisions are desirable in this part of town because several are brand new developments, close to everything and right in the middle of all the exciting growth. Click here for more Bozeman subdivisions.

3. New Businesses

Have you been to Ferguson Farms lately? It used to be only Sidewinders but now something new seems to be opening every day. Foxtrot and Tanglewood are the newest restaurants, next to Nordic Brew Works in the Market. Both are such great additions with Foxtrot for breakfast and lunch and Tanglewood for dinner or happy hour. We’re excited to see what else opens up in this building. Behind them are several other buildings with a variety of businesses and more to come. Town and Country has announced they’ll be opening a brand-new store in Ferguson Farms in 2021 which is very big news! Also in west Bozeman, behind Rosauers in the Bozeman Gateway Shopping Center, there is a lot happening. There are several new buildings in the future that will be home to office space, condos, retail, and some parcels of land that are currently for sale. Learn more about development in this part of town here. 

4. Parks and Trails

The 100-Acre Gallatin Regional Park is in the heart of West Bozeman. There are trails, ponds, the dinosaur playground, and the 13-acre dog park for your four-legged friends. Beyond this, there are neighborhood parks tucked into the subdivisions throughout this part of town and trails. As the new developments go up, there are more sidewalks and better roads with bike lanes making it easier to get around this part of town by foot or bike. Visit our 

5. Access to Big Sky, Yellowstone and the Madison River

Living on the west side of Bozeman means you can get to recreation fast. A ski day in Big Sky, taking visitors to Yellowstone or heading to float the river are all just a little closer when you live on this end of town. It’s also convenient to get to Belgrade and the airport!


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