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As Bozeman continues to grow in all directions, each area of town is developing its own unique character.  In this interactive guide to Bozeman's neighborhoods, we will answer your questions about Bozeman's different areas and paint a picture of each neighborhood's character, the best subdivisions, latest developments and some insider tips for living in the area.  

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Learn More About Bozeman Neighborhoods

As Bozeman continues to grow in all directions, each area of town is developing its own unique character. Whether you want to live in a neighborhood that is close to downtown, a historic neighborhood, or a neighborhood that is close to schools, there are so many options!  We've written several posts on our blog about Bozeman subdivisions and the different neighborhoods.  Here are some that you might find helpful.

Five New Subdivisions to Watch in Bozeman

It doesn't take more than a drive around town to see that construction in Bozeman is still booming.  The growth in the northwest part of town, in particular, has seen several new developments.  Most of these new Bozeman subdivisions have both single and multi-family homes being built with a focus on a neighborhood feel with trails, open space and parks.  

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Why West Bozeman is Booming

The west side of Bozeman used to end at the Gallatin Valley Mall.  My, how times have changed!  Over the last few years, west Bozeman has exploded and expands all the way out to Four Corners with new businesses, subdivisions, and schools along the way.  There’s a ton of appeal to the west side of Bozeman and with the other parts of town edging up to mountains, it’s the logical place for Bozeman to grow. 

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Bozeman's Best Subdivisions

There are many great subdivisions in Bozeman, each with its own amenities and features.  Some that are closer to Bozeman schools and neighborhood parks lend themselves more to families.  Other Bozeman subdivisions that feature maintenance-free living might attract more retirees or snowbirds.  Bozeman is a college town with Montana State University, so there are also areas that are geared towards students.  Click below for a list of Bozeman's best subdivisions

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Subdivisions Near the New Bozeman High School

The new high school in Bozeman is under full construction with estimated completion fall 2020.  Boundary lines have been voted on and finalized after much discussion.  At this point, the surrounding neighborhoods in the area will go to the new high school (boundaries change, always verify with the Bozeman School District).  Here are the Bozeman subdivisions that border the new high school.

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