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Subdivisions Near the New Bozeman High School

Subdivisions Near the New Bozeman High School

On Jan 31, 2019


One of the newer subdivisions in Bozeman, Flanders Mill is on the east side of the new high school between Durtson, Baxter, Ferguson and Flanders Mill Road. This park like neighborhood is 137-acres and when all the phases are complete it will be made up of 272-single family homes and 195 multi-family. There are 36-acres dedicated to parklands, common space, streams, ponds, trails, playgrounds and picnic areas. If you’ve driven by Flanders Mill you can see how nice this common space is turning out.

The homes are architecturally designed and custom built. There is an HOA, covenants and homeowner dues. The main streets in the neighborhood will have landscaped medians and those along with the secondary streets will feature roundabouts to help with both safety and traffic flow. This will be helpful with students making their way to the new high school.

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A few blocks away, but still very close to the new high school is Oak Springs. This subdivision is bordered by Ferguson, Durston and Oak Street. Directly north of this subdivision is the 100-Acre Regional park. There is also a great neighborhood park, open space, playground and trails. Oak Springs is made up of both single family and multi-family homes. Having been around slightly longer than some of the other subdivisions featured here gives the feeling of a more established neighborhood. There is an HOA, covenants and homeowner dues.


Valley West will be to the south of the new high school. Ferguson Avenue is the main road leading to the subdivision with quick access to Huffine Lane and Durston Road. Two elementary schools are within minutes of the neighborhood.

The motto for this northwest Bozeman subdivision is “Small Town Charm. Big Sky Living.” Valley West features an array of housing options and architectural styles. Capturing the true feel of historic Bozeman neighborhoods with front porches, tree-lined streets, and alley entrances. Valley West is expected to have 1,630 living units ranging from condominiums, townhomes, duplexes and single-family homes when all is said and done.

This welcoming subdivision incorporates lakes, streams, open acreage and four miles of walking and bike trails throughout the subdivision. There are beautiful covered bridges and a pavilion on the lake, perfect for family gatherings. There is a children’s playground next to one of the natural streams. It is one of the nicest playgrounds and parks for a neighborhood.

Valley West has an active homeowners association with HOA dues. In order to create neighborhoods that reflect the character of the subdivision, there are architectural regulations. They allow for a broad range of design while also ensuring that the homes in the subdivision have a comprehensive composition.


A couple streets north and slightly west of the new high school is Laurel Glen Subdivision. This neighborhood offers both single family and multi-family residences. Sitting directly off of Durston Road, Laurel Glen offers a rural feel within minutes of town. There are spectacular views of the mountains as well as the park and green space in the subdivision. Along with being close to several schools, Laurel Glen is also near the Brakken Soccer fields.

Laurel Glen has a homeowners association, HOA dues and covenants.


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