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They say that Bozeman, Montana is one of the best places to live in the country. With the Bridger Mountain range as a backdrop, blue-ribbon fishing, world-class skiing, and nationally recognized climbing routes, it’s easy to see why. This guide covers everything you need to know about living in Bozeman from subdivisions, to schools, where to shop, where to eat and where to play. We’ve got you covered.

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We've written many posts on our blog about living in Bozeman, Montana. Here are a few that you may find helpful. 


10 Best Things About Living in Bozeman

There are a lot of great things about living in Bozeman, Montana but some stand out more than others. Click here to read what we think are the 10 best things about living in Bozeman. 

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How Bozeman, Montana Compares to Other Western Mountain Towns

People move to Bozeman for a variety of reasons, including lifestyle change and the incredible scenery. But, Bozeman is not the only mountain town in the west that has seen big increases in its population over the years. Click to find out how Bozeman compares to other similar mountain towns in the west. 

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8 Worst Things About Living in Bozeman

Everyone talks about how great life in Bozeman is, but it's got its drawbacks too. The winters, the traffic, a looming supervolcano. Here's our list of the 8 worst things about living in Bozeman.

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Learn more about the real estate market in south west Montana.

How Much Do Homes Currently Cost in Bozeman

You can look at Bozeman real estate market reports all day, but that doesn't always give you a clear picture of what is actually on the market. To get...

Top Employers in Bozeman, Montana

With competition high and a limited number of skilled jobs available, it has been tough for professionals to find work in their field in Bozeman. But, Bozeman is becoming...

Best Neighborhoods for Your Money in Bozeman, Montana

The median price of a single-family home has surpassed $700,000 and homes in certain neighborhoods can come at an even higher price tag. With that being said, there are some...

Bozeman’s Condo and Townhome Developments

There are a number of condo and townhome developments in Bozeman Montana...

Home Prices in Bozeman vs. Belgrade

As of January 2022, the median price of a home in Belgrade was 36% lower than the average price of a home in Bozeman. So, what’s up with the home...

Bozeman’s Northeast Developments

If you're a native or long-time Bozeman local, you'll remember the northeast side of Bozeman as being a "rough" part of town. But over the past decade, the northeast...

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