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5 Most Popular Posts About Bozeman in 2020

5 Most Popular Posts About Bozeman in 2020

On Dec 31, 2020

2020 has been quite a year and we covered a lot of topics! Of course, we had several articles about Covid-19 and how it has affected Bozeman's real estate market. We focused a lot on Bozeman's surrounding areas as people are looking to these outside communities to buy a home. Development in downtown Bozeman also remained a hot topic this year, with so many new buildings and condos under construction.

Here are the 5 most viewed posts on our website in 2020.

1. 6 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Livingston, MT

Livingston, Montana has been getting a lot of interest this past year as people are looking outside of Bozeman to set down roots. Livingston is a beautiful town just 30 minutes from Bozeman. It has a lot to offer for a small town with a vibrant downtown and access to the Yellowstone River and Paradise Valley. In this article, we discuss what people love about Livingston and also things you should know before considering a move there (for example-the commute is not always easy!)

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2. Living in Bozeman, Montana - The Good and the Bad

This is the second year this article was in our top 5 most viewed posts! The article addresses both the positives and negatives of living in Bozeman. We continue to gain national attention as one of the best places to live and with that comes a certain amount of growing pains. There are many fantastic things about living in Bozeman-it's beautiful, the schools are top-notch and the community is great. The article talks about these things, but also the struggle people have with the low wages and high real estate prices.

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3. How Much Do Homes Currently Cost in Bozeman

Home prices in Bozeman have increased each month of 2020 making it hard to keep up. We update this post every month so you can see exactly what homes currently cost in Bozeman. We list the median sales price for single-family, condos, and townhomes. We also include several homes in specific prices ranges that are currently for sale to give a better idea of what you can get for your money.

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4. Who is Moving to Bozeman, Montana

It seems like everyone decided to move to Bozeman in 2020! In this article, we break down where people are moving from and also touch on who is moving away from Bozeman. There is a video at the end of the article from our Ask a Bozeman Real Estate Agent series that asks this question to our agents. You probably won't be surprised by their responses!

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5. The Molly Brown is for Sale

It was big news when this iconic bar hit the market so it is no wonder it is one of our top 5 most viewed blogs of 2020. The Molly Brown is part of the "barmuda triangle" with The Scoop and Haufbrau next door. Many were surprised when this beloved bar went up for sale and even more shocked by the price tag! As of now, it is still currently for sale. Photo credit Flickr

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