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The Molly Brown Is for Sale

The Molly Brown Is for Sale

On Oct 27, 2020

Update: The Molly Brown listing was canceled on 7/21/21. It remains under original ownership.

The iconic Molly Brown bar was listed for sale yesterday for $10,000,000.

According to the listing description, this sale offers strong potential for development as the Molly Brown sits on a half-acre lot in the Midtown Urban Renewal District. Its location in this district means that future development of this site is likely to benefit from tax incentives or credits. These incentives come from money that is reallocated from property taxes to support investments within the district.

There is the option for the new owners to continue with the bar as is. The listing description says that the existing use of the property offers a solid income.

The Molly Brown is part of the "barmuda triangle" with its neighbors The Scoop and the Haufbrau. The Molly Brown is a longstanding Bozeman landmark and a much-loved hangout for people who prefer pool tables and PBR over patios and cocktails. The building itself was built-in 1950 and is 7,630 sq. ft.

Listed by Jennifer Monroe, Absaroka Realty.

Photo credit: Flickr


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