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Bozeman’s Downtown Developments

Bozeman’s Downtown Developments

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all the development projects in downtown Bozeman these days. While city planners do their best to steer development “upward not outward” and developers scramble to provide residences, hotels and commercial spaces, downtown Bozeman is seeing significant changes. Here’s a breakdown of all the recent developments in downtown Bozeman.

Southside Lofts

The Southside Lofts will be located at 114 E. Olive, just across the street from the Black Olive project. The four-story condominiums will be replacing the one-story garages that sit next to the historic Blackmore apartment building. Thinktank Design Group, the architecture firm behind the Lark Hotel and The Rialto says the Southside Lofts will be built using timber, which will create a look similar to the Lark Hotel. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, construction of the Southside Lofts will overlap with construction on the Black Olive project. The project is pending final approval from the city as of September 2018. Photo credit: Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

5 East

Downtown developer Andy Holloran with HomeBase Montana proposed 5 East in Spring, 2018. The six-story building would sit on the corner of Mendenhall and Tracy and include 30 residential units, as well as commercial, retail and office space. The land is currently occupied by Straightaway Motors and two residences. Holloran states that there is an agreement with the landowner that will allow these buildings to be demolished. In an attempt to "respect the lower-density housing" to the north of the project, the north facing side of the building will be 3 levels. As of summer 2018, plans for 5 East have been submitted to the city and are pending approval. If approved, construction could begin in 2019. Photo credit: SCB and SMA Architects.

One 11 Lofts

Yet another project proposed by developer Andy Holloran and Homebase Montana, the One 11 Lofts will be a 50 unit structure built on the corner of Lamme and Willson. The building will include four studios, 24 one-bedroom, 11 two-bedroom and 11 three-bedroom units. It is undecided whether or not the ground floor will include commercial space. Parking will allow 53 spaces for the 50 units. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2018. Photo credit: SMA Architects.

The Merin

Named after John Merin Bozeman, the proposed Merin project is a mixed-use project planned for the lot directly east of Dave's Sushi on North Bozeman. Another HomeBase project, this four-story building will offer commercial space on the ground floor and 12 residential units. Construction could begin as early as August 2018. 

Etha Hotel

A project that has been in the works for more than 4 years, the Etha hotel, has started to take shape in downtown Bozeman. Construction began in the summer of 2018, with plans to shape the old National Guard armory building into an eight-story boutique hotel. When it is completed, this will be the tallest building in downtown Bozeman. One story higher than the historic Baxter hotel. The hotel will include 122 rooms, event space, a ground floor restaurant, pub, pool and potentially a rooftop bar or restaurant. The project is expected to be completed near the end of 2019. Photo credit Venue Architects.

North Grand

Proposed by developer Jason Delmue, this five-plex condo is proposed for a lot at 301 N. Grand. It will be a mix of one and two-bedroom units with five on-site parking spaces. The building will be as tall as 3 stories in places and is taking the place of a two bedroom home currently on the lot. The developer states that homes at this project will be less expensive than similar projects in the area like the Block M townhouses or the NeBo lofts. Photo credit: Intrinsik Architecture.

Black Olive

The Black Olive project received the green light in the fall of 2017 after nearly a year of tense debates between the developer Andy Holloran and local residents. The plans for Black-Olive include 47 apartments with commercial space on the ground floor. The building is slated to include 40 parking spaces in an attempt to minimize its effect on the already limited parking downtown. As of summer 2018, the existing building on the property has been demolished and site preparations have begun. Photo credit:

Sobo Loft Condos

Replacing the former Pizza Hut building at 716 W. Babcock Street, the SOBO Loft project is under construction as of summer 2018. With 42 one-bedroom apartments and 3,000 sq.ft of commercial space, this mixed used building sits across the street from the Haufbrau, the Scoop and the Molly Brown, otherwise known as the Barmudah Triangle. The lofts are not on the market yet and prices are pending. Photo credit:

Northside Lofts

The Northside Lofts project, proposed in 2015 was meant to take the place of several dilapidated rental units in the form of a five-story development that would have covered most of a city block between Grand and Third Avenue. The lofts were expected to include ground-floor commercial space and 41 residential units. But, city planners denied the project due to parking concerns. Since then, the land has been transferred to a new owner, an LLC based out of New York City and the future of this project remains unknown. Photo credit:

The Lark Expansion

Since opening its doors in April 2015 the Lark Hotel in downtown Bozeman has been extremely successful. With features on the Today Show, a mention in the Los Angeles Times and other national publications the colorful facade of the Lark Hotel has become a landmark in downtown Bozeman. Riding the waves of success, the Lark Hotel has just completed a 4-story expansion that includes 28 hotel rooms, a ground-floor commercial space which currently houses Treeline Coffee & a conference room. Photo credit: 

City Center Inn

After being demolished in the summer of 2017, the future of this prominent main street space is still relatively unknown. South Carolina based company, Bennet Hospitality owns the land and while they have said they hope to fill the space in the next few years, they remain vague about the plans. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Bozeman business leaders have said that the company plans to build a new hotel on the site, there have also been talks of building a parking garage on this site. Bennet Hospitality also owns the Homewood Suites in Bozeman and is developing a mixed use complex on Baxter Lane. Photo credit: 

5 West

If you were to take a drive down Mendenhall street in downtown Bozeman, you might find yourself craning your neck to take a look at two of downtown’s tallest buildings, the Element Hotel and 5 West. Developed by HomeBase Montana, these two 5 story buildings have had a significant impact on Bozeman’s shifting skyline.

Completed in 2017, the 5 West building is home to commercial businesses, office spaces and residential units. When they were initially sold, the listing prices of the 5 West condominiums ranged from $327,000 - $1,797,000. With studios, one and two bedroom floor plans, the 5 West residences boast open floor plans, modern finish, es and an exclusive rooftop deck. Since the initial sales of residences at Five West, we've seen a few hit the market again. Click here to see homes currently for sale in the 5 West building. 

Nebo Lofts

Located on East Mendenhall, the Nebo Lofts consist of 12, 4 level townhomes ranging from 2,200 – 2,400 sq.ft with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and outdoor rooftop space. Developed by Cottonwood Partners LLC, this project was completed in 2017. Each unit has a ground level, two car garage. With clean lines, modern finishes and warm wood floors, the units have a rustic yet modern feel. The units were listed between $650,000 - $700,000 and have all been sold. Click here to see if there are any Nebo Lofts currently on the market. Photo credit:

Willson Residences

Originally the Gallatin County Free High School, the future of this historic building was on the line for many years. As the brick building started to degrade, there were plans to demolish the building as early as 1989. Yet, architects and historic preservation supporters spoke out and the future of the building remained unclear. In 2000, school officials started searching for someone who could take over and rescue the Bozeman landmark and eventually, Bridger Builders was chosen to renovate the decrepit building.

Fast-forward to 2017, when the project reached completion and the 17 upscale condominiums known as the Willson Residences were unveiled. With units listed between $500,000 and $2,107,500 all units sold during and immediately after the project's completion. Photo credit:

Hawthorne Place Condominiums 

Located just across the street from Hawthorne Elementary School and just one block away from downtown Bozeman, this project includes five 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums designed by Frank Cikan. Built to blend in with the charm of the surrounding neighborhoods, the exterior of these condominiums feature beautiful brick work along with subtle modern aesthetics. Inside, the units feature 9’ ceilings, private entrances, spacious balconies and white oak floors. Photo credit:


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