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Armory Hotel in Downtown Bozeman

Armory Hotel in Downtown Bozeman

On June 10th, 2020

The new 9 story hotel in downtown Bozeman is hard to miss, standing two stories higher than the Baxter Hotel which up until recently, had been the focal point of Bozeman's downtown since the early 1900s. After years of construction, the Kimpton Armory Hotel in downtown Bozeman is set to open next month. According to the Armory Hotel's website, this is Bozeman's first and only 4-star hotel. They offer "luxe amenities" including a rooftop bar and pool.

Bozeman's Armory building was built in 1941 by Fred Willson and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was said that the Armory Hotel construction would retain 98% of the original Armory building, although it is hard to gauge how much has actually been preserved. The rest of the hotel was designed in an Art Deco style with the intention of imitating Fred Willson's previous designs. It has been said that the hotel will include doors and awnings taken from Willson's sketches that were never included in the original Armory. You can watch a live feed of the construction on the Armory Hotel in downtown Bozeman here

The hotel will have several options for food and entertainment. On the first floor, a restaurant named "Fielding's" will be "casual upscale dining with Americana fare."

The "Sky Shed" is the glass-enclosed rooftop bar that will be open year-round. The website boasts modern design, cozy furnishes, and of course, sweeping views of the Gallatin Valley. 

"Tune Up" will be a whiskey bar in the basement of the hotel where, according to the website, "It’s where the potent combination of standout drinks, savory snacks, and that elusive good-time rock ‘n roll energy come together for a uniquely Bozeman bar experience."

The Armory Hotel will also include a Music Hall with space to accommodate up to 500 guests for concerts, events, and weddings. The Music Hall space will include a second-floor mezzanine, a built-in bar, and the building's original stage. 

The Kimpton Armory Bozeman is now open, with rates starting at $240 a night. 

This is one of five hotels to be built in downtown Bozeman over the last five years. The Armory Hotel is the third to be completed, after The Lark and The Element, while plans are underway for The AC Hotel and the Bozeman Residence Inn Hotel. Click here for more on all the development in downtown Bozeman.

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