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Whether buying or selling, working with an experienced real estate agent means you have a professional helping you navigate the process.

For sellers - In Montana, the sold prices of homes are not disclosed, making it difficult to accurately price your home. There are piles of paperwork, scams to look out for, and liability concerns. Most importantly, it takes time to sell a home. Hiring a real estate professional means that you will spend less time, and fewer resources, have less liability, and make more money on the sale of your home.

For buyers – First of all, there is no cost to using a buyer’s agent so you get the help of a professional, without having to pay for it. In a competitive market like Bozeman, Montana having a buyer’s agent looking for new listings for you will give you an edge over the competition. They will also help you navigate the paperwork and guide you with any obstacles that come up along the way.

Our Bozeman real estate office is locally owned and operated, and our team of real estate agents has more than 400 collective years of experience in the real estate industry. Whether they were born in Montana or chose to live here, every single member of our team has their own unique love and appreciation for this beautiful place that we call home.

Our office is located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana and we serve the Bozeman, Belgrade, Livingston, Big Sky, Manhattan, and Three Forks real estate markets. We work with residential, investment, and commercial properties and our diverse team of real estate agents offer a wealth of knowledge in all these fields. We are confident that you will find the right real estate agent for you in our real estate office.

There are over 1,200 real estate agents in the Bozeman area. That’s a lot of realtors for a town of Bozeman's size! How does one possibly decide who to work with? Chances are you know someone who is an agent or have a friend of a friend who is one. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should work with them. When deciding to buy or sell a home, it’s important to make sure you are working with the right person. When considering who to work with make sure it is a person you can communicate with, they are knowledgeable about the market, are a solid problem solver, and are self-motivated. These qualities are what make a great agent.

Bozeman's real estate market has been strong for the past several years, with Covid pushing it to all-time highs. While it has calmed down, the market remains strong with prices stable. Click here to see the most up-to-date market report numbers for Bozeman.

Bozeman has had years of rising home prices and in 2023 we finally saw things calm down. Prices remain high, but they are not accelerating at the rate they have been which makes it an ideal time to be entering the Bozeman real estate market. High-interest rates have eased competition for buyers, and once those start to come down as predicted for 2024, experts anticipate prices creeping back up.

Yes! This is your opportunity to inspect the house before the official closing. It’s important because it gives the buyer a chance to make sure the home is in the same condition as it was the last time you saw it. You can make sure everything that was supposed to convey is there and that any repairs from the inspection contingency were made. It also allows the buyer to make sure the seller has moved everything out. It’s also a good idea to check the appliances during the walk-through to ensure everything is still as it was when you last went through the home.

In nearly all real estate transactions the sellers pay a listing commission. Standard listing commission is 5-6% of the purchase price of the home. This commission is split between the listing and buyer’s agent.

When there is a surplus of homes for sale and a shortage of buyer demand, it is considered a buyer’s market. During this type of market, buyers have an advantage to negotiate a lower sales price. Days on the market generally increase and price reductions are more common during a buyer’s market.

A home inspection is important to give you a clear picture of the home's overall condition. It will provide you with a top-to-bottom evaluation of the home’s physical structure as well as its mechanical and electrical systems. They check major appliances and inspect heating and cooling systems, attic, basement, walls, windows, floors, doors, and ceilings. These are important items to know are functioning before the final purchase of a home.

When buyer demand exceeds the supply of homes available it is a seller’s market. When inventory is low, the sellers have the advantage. Homes sell faster and because buyers are competing there can be a multiple-offer situation. During a seller’s market, it is not uncommon for homes to go asking price and for contingencies to be waived

First impressions are critical when you decide to put your home on the market so there are a few key items to get your home ready to sell. First, declutter! It’s hard for a potential home buyer to visualize living in your home if it’s full. Next, make any necessary repairs. Once you’ve decluttered and tackled your fix-it list it’s time to clean and depersonalize so you’re ready for photos and to get your home on the market.

Yes! It’s important to find an agent that you click with because they will be your partner during the home-selling journey. They will give you advice, help get your home ready to sell, and guide you through the paperwork. You want an experienced agent with a solid team behind them to help market your property. At Bozeman Real Estate Group we take a progressive approach to marketing your home to ensure it is well-represented online, in print, and in person. As the highest-producing independently owned real estate office in Bozeman we have a team of experienced agents that can help you list your home.

The listing fee is essentially the cost you pay to an agent for listing your property and providing services associated with it. Marketing costs usually include professional photos, virtual tours, print materials, online ads, etc. Other services are getting your home on their multiple listing provider, websites, scheduling showings, guiding your through negotiations, and getting you to the closing table. The listing fee is not paid until the home is sold and is based off the sales price. A portion of the listing fee also goes to the buyer’s agent.

Contingent means depending on certain circumstances so in real estate if you see a home listed as contingent it means an offer has been accepted but before it closes some sort of criteria must be met. Often in real estate, you will find finance or inspection contingencies meaning the offer could change based on the buyer’s ability to get financing or what might show up on an inspection. These are very common in real estate transactions.

Yes, Bozeman is a great place to live for many reasons! Number 1, it's beautiful! Surrounded by multiple mountain ranges the views from the valley are something special to wake up to every day. The outdoor recreation possibilities are endless with skiing, fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking to name a few. For a town of its size, you get amazing restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and so many events throughout the year. Even though it is growing, the community remains rooted in its small-town values of taking care of one another. There are great schools and healthcare, and our growing airport offers non-stop flights to over 20 cities making travel to and from easy.

The Bozeman schools are great and there are many options as the city has grown. The Bozeman Public School District has 8 elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools all spread out across town. We are lucky to live in a place which such a thriving public school system that has a strong athletic program, plus excellent opportunities in arts, music, and languages. The school is supported strongly by our community. There are also several private schools in Bozeman that have gained popularity over the past ten years.

Bozeman is 10 miles from the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

Bozeman is 16 miles from Bridger Bowl

Bozeman is 44 miles from Big Sky Ski Resort

Bozeman is 78 miles from Yellowstone National Park

Really you can’t go wrong anywhere in Bozeman! However, depending on what you are looking for there might be neighborhoods that are a better fit. A quick breakdown -
The downtown area is a hot spot in Bozeman because of its proximity to Main Street and all that it has to offer. Both the north and south side have a mix of historic homes with new, modern construction. Many new developments have been going up in the downtown area. The northwest part of Bozeman has grown over the years and features many new subdivisions and is home to Ferguson Farm and Gallatin High School. The south side of town is also growing at a fast rate but still has some of the older mature neighborhoods everyone covets. The northeast side is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Bozeman with a funky vibe and a thriving artist community. Midtown is right in the center of town with a few residential options and lots of new businesses. Click here for more.

As Bozeman has grown, the healthcare community has as well. Bozeman Health is the largest healthcare provider in Bozeman with 2 hospitals, specialty treatment centers, outpatient treatment facilities, Urgent Care, plus assisted living facilities. Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital is an 86-bed facility with over 200 health care professionals, private practices, and Urgent Care. Billings Clinic opened the 1st phase of its Bozeman location with over 50 physicians.

Bozeman's top employers are Montana State University, Bozeman Health, and Oracle. Simms Fishing Products, Bozeman School District, and Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply are also large employers in Bozeman. Click here to find out more about these employers.

The population of Bozeman, Montana is 56,123 according to the U.S. Census Bureau as of July 2022. Bozeman is one of the country's fastest-growing micropolitan areas.

Belgrade, Manhattan, and Three Forks are the surrounding towns west of Bozeman. Livingston is east of Bozeman, and Big Sky is south.

Bozeman, Montana is located 8 miles from Belgrade and is often considered a bedroom community.

Bozeman, Montana is located just over 20 miles from Manhattan, Montana.

Bozeman, Montana is located just over 30 miles from Three Forks, Montana.

Bozeman, Montana is located 25 miles from Livingston, Montana.

Bozeman, Montana is located 44 miles from Big Sky, Montana.

Bozeman gets all of the attention, but its closest neighbor, Belgrade has been outpacing Bozeman's growth recently. It has always been a more affordable option, but people are drawn to Belgrade for more than just that. Belgrade is taking a good look at how it wants the town to grow so it can remain a livable community rooted in its agricultural history. There has been an increase in housing, commercial development, and new schools opening. In Belgrade, you get to live in a small town and if there is something you need Bozeman is a quick drive away. Find out more about Belgrade here.

Yes! Manhattan, Montana is full of small-town charm! It is an agricultural-centered community with its most productive industries being seed potatoes, dairy, wheat farms, and commercial beef. Housing costs are similar to Bozeman with new subdivisions breaking ground in the past few years. They have a strong school district, plenty of outdoor recreation, and a small, but vibrant Main Street.

Yes, Livingston is a great place to live! Located in the Paradise Valley, with the Yellowstone River flowing nearby beauty surrounds this small town. They have a thriving downtown with a big art scene, top-notch restaurants, a music venue, and breweries. Not to mention plenty of fantastic locally owned shops. Livingston has long been a place where tourists and celebrities play, but at its core, it remains small-town Montana. There are a few large employers such as Livingston HealthCare and Printing for Less. While the commute to Bozeman over the pass can be treacherous in the winter, a lot of people live in Livingston and work in Bozeman.

Big Sky, Montana is a good place to live if you can afford it! As a ski resort town real estate prices in Big Sky are incredibly high and with its growing popularity are going to continue escalating. According to the Big Sky 2025 plan they hope to transform it into a world-class, year-round mountain destination. It's a beautiful area with Lone Peak as the breathtaking backdrop, an outdoor recreationist's dream, and a great community. There are amazing restaurants, local shops, and events throughout the year. Click here to find out more.

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