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West Babcock Apartments - Proposed Development Near Bozeman Co-op

West Babcock Apartments - Proposed Development Near Bozeman Co-op

On Jan 30, 2023

A five-story apartment building, West Babcock Apartments, has been proposed near the Community Food Co-op in Bozeman. They are proposing the construction of 45 multi-family units and just under 1,000 Sq.Ft. of commercial space on the first level. There will be an enclosed parking garage and common areas for residents. It is zoned B-2M which is mixed-use zoning. The building is proposed to be 64,356 square feet and located at the corner of S 9th and West Babcock. 

Currently, there are two buildings at the site that would be removed prior to construction. The developers are planning on the units being available to rent rather than for sale. At this point they are not set on prices. The application is currently under final review. We will update this post as we receive information. 

*Photo credit Community Food Co-op Bozeman

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