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How Bozeman’s Population Has Changed Over the Last 5 Years

How Bozeman’s Population Has Changed Over the Last 5 Years

On May 25, 2023

Bozeman’s population has been steadily growing since the early 2000s, but COVID and the show Yellowstone have really put Bozeman on the map in the last few years. Now, according to Travel + Leisure, Bozeman is one of the best mountain towns in the country and the latest data from the Census Bureau proves that more people are moving to Bozeman than ever before. Here’s how Bozeman’s population has changed in the last 5 years.

Population Increase

For more than a decade Bozeman’s population growth has been on a steady incline, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in Montana. In the last 5 years, the population of Bozeman has increased by 9,096 residents, a 19% increase. The latest data from the US Census Bureau estimates Bozeman’s population to be 56,123 residents in 2022.*

*Source: US Census Bureau and

Growth in the Surrounding Areas

While the city of Bozeman has been in the spotlight over the last several years, the surrounding areas have seen significant growth as well. The town of Belgrade, Montana which is just 11 miles outside of Bozeman has grown by a whopping 38% in the last 5 years to reach 11,966 residents in 2022. Nearby Livingston, Montana has seen a 16% increase in its population in the last 5 years with an estimated 8,790 residents in 2022.*

*Source: US Census Bureau

Inbound Moves

A 2022 report analyzing inbound and outbound moves relative to a state’s population ranked Montana as the #4 state with the highest net inflow per capita. Bozeman specifically was ranked the #12 Most Moved to City in the U.S. in 2022, with 222 residents moving into the state for every 100 residents moving out. Click here to see the most recent data on where people are moving to Bozeman from.

Increasing Median Age

The Bozeman area has long been known to have a younger population compared to the state of Montana. This can be attributed to Montana State University as well as Bozeman’s recreational and job opportunities. But over the last 5 years, the median age in Gallatin County has jumped from 27.5 years to 34 years*. This increase could be due to a number of factors. Bozeman has been put on the map as a retirement destination and has become a popular choice for many who are looking to retire. We also have an aging Baby Boomer population which 5 years ago was projected to triple the 65 and older population in Gallatin County.** Bozeman has also grown to offer more professional job opportunities with its growing tech, healthcare and manufacturing industries which appeal to an older workforce.

* Source: US Census Bureau ACS 5-year 2017-2021


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