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On October 24th, 2018

Bozeman’s Best Parks and Playgrounds

Bozeman’s Best Parks and Playgrounds

One of the reasons Bozeman is such a wonderful community to raise a family is because of the number of parks throughout town.  And, we're not just talking about taking the kids to the playground, there are also some amazing parks for our four-legged friends (we are a dog town after all!)  Here's a breakdown of the most popular parks in town and what they offer.  


Located between Oak and Baxter, this is one of Bozeman’s newest and most popular parks. There are two ponds, trails, the Dinosaur playground and a beach for those hot summer days. In the winter it turns into a sledding destination for local kids. It is also home to the Anderson Dog Park which features 13-fenced acres for your dog to run. It includes ponds, covered pavilions and a dog agility course.


Located across the street from Town & Country on 19th, this large park has a playground, skate park, a small stream, basketball court and large field for picnics and volleyball games.  There are baseball fields next to the park as well.  


Bogert Park is located off of N. Church, just a few blocks from downtown.   This is where you will find the local city pool to cool off during the summer months and a pavilion that turns into an ice-skating rink during the winter. There’s a playground, stage and Bozeman Creek running along the edge of the park. During the summer the Bogert Farmers Market is held here every Tuesday evening.  


Just off of east Main street, this is one of Bozeman’s most peaceful parks with large trees and open space. On any given day you'll find hammocks or slacklines hooked up to the big trees.  There’s a great playground for the kids, and in the winter it’s a good place for sledding. There is also a covered pavilion for picnics and trails that lead to Peet’s Hill and the Bozeman Public Library.


This smaller park is six blocks north of downtown Bozeman. It has a small basketball court and a playground. In the winter the field becomes one of the biggest and most popular city ice-skating rinks.


Located off of West College street, near Montana State University, Southside Park has tennis courts, a large field and a small playground. During the winter it is a city ice skating rink.


This is one of the few city parks that is off-leash for dogs so you’ll see plenty of pups here every day. You’ll also see hammocks, slacklines and people relaxing under the big, beautiful trees.


This isn't technically a park and there isn't a playground, but it's one of Bozeman's best dog parks so we wanted to include it.  It's basically doggy Disneyland here with several trails and wide open spaces for dogs to run free and play with other dogs.  During the winter you will see people sledding down the hills.  This is a beautiful spot to take the dogs and take in views of the valley.  We highly recommend it at sunset!


Right next to the Gallatin Valley mall is the Bozeman Pond Park.  The main attraction is, of course, the pond with beaches for people and a separate one for the dogs.  There's also a small playground, trails around the pond, basketball court, sand volleyball court, climbing rock and a large pavilion.  Just north of the ponds is another fenced in dog park area.  


Christie Fields is tucked into the southside of Bozeman.  With three baseball diamonds and a large field, this park is one for the athletes!  There's also a small playground.


Located off of Oak Street, Rose Park is where you'll find Bozeman's folf (disc golf) community.  There are also trails for taking the dogs for a walk and a few hills that turn into sled hills in the winter.  

There are many neighborhood parks tucked throughout Bozeman as well.  Harvest Creek has a large open field, basketball court and small playground.  Alder Creek has trails, a stream and playground.  Valley West has one of the best neighborhood parks with a large pond, pavilion, creek, trails and plenty of open space.  Baxter Meadows features a 10-acre community park with a playground.  Cattail Creek has a large open field area with a nice playground.  Flanders Mill, one of Bozeman's newest subdivisions will have parks, trails, ponds and streams throughout the neighborhood.  


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