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Bozeman Road Construction and Detours

Bozeman Road Construction and Detours

On Aug 28, 2019

We are in the middle of road construction season in Bozeman and with school starting next week, it’s hard to know how to get around town anymore! As Bozeman grows, the need for road improvements increases, so we’re happy for the improvements even if the process can be frustrating. Baxter Lane and Highland Blvd recently re-opened which has helped a lot. However, the closure at Durston and Ferguson is now closed and will be until winter. Cottonwood is also closed from Durston and Babcock. With all the schools in this vicinity, it’s going to make the commute for kids and their parents a little tricky. The detours set up for the construction is fairly well marked but can get confusing.

Here are some suggested routes/detours for getting to the surrounding schools.

Hyalite and Emily Dickenson elementary schools are not in the direct detour areas so it’s open to get to them, you just may have to change how if you live in the affected neighborhoods. While several of the streets are closed near Hyalite, the folks on those streets can still use the closed roads to get to the school. Yellowstone Avenue is open from Oak to Babcock creating a flow of traffic towards Hyalite school. For those heading from the west side of town to Emily Dickinson taking Oak to 25th is still an open route, otherwise using 27th from Babcock or Oak.

Meadowlark Elementary and Heritage Christian are trickier being right on Durston. The road is closed at Flanders Mill so heading straight down Durston for those coming from the east no longer have that option. The suggested detour is either Flanders Mill from Oak or Toole to Clifden from Ferguson.

Petra Academy sits off of Cottonwood and while that road is closed it can be accessed from Durston. You just have to go around the detour if you're coming from the east part of Durston.

Chief Joseph Middle School may have some problems with the installation of the Baxter/Davis signal that just began. For those who usually use Baxter to get to the school, Oak or Cattail will be better choices for a while to avoid delays.

It’s important to remember to slow down through all the construction and detours, especially once school begins and kids are walking and biking to school. Many of the detours are through neighborhood streets so it’s good to think about how you would want someone driving down your street and have some patience. We’ll all be grateful for the ease of traffic flow these improvements will create, so in the meantime slow down and know it will all be over soon!

For current road construction updates in Bozeman, click here.

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