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Best Neighborhoods for Your Money in Bozeman, Montana

Best Neighborhoods for Your Money in Bozeman, Montana

On Feb 08, 2022

It comes as no surprise that homes in Bozeman are expensive. The median price of a single-family home has surpassed $850,000 and homes in certain neighborhoods can come with an even higher price tag. Have you seen what houses are going for in Flanders Mill? With that being said, there are some neighborhoods in Bozeman where you get more bang for your buck.

Elk Grove

Elk Grove is a large planned community with around 300 single-family homes just outside of Bozeman in Four Corners. The homes and lots in Elk Grove are larger than the average in Bozeman city limits and you get more for your money. In Elk Grove, you can find homes for sale under $300/ Sq.Ft which is tough to find in the Bozeman area. It's not just the large homes to consider in Elk Grove, most of the lots are at least a 1/4 acre which offers more space outside! The other great thing about this subdivision is the amenities! There are trails, a pond, parks, ball fields, and mountain views. Click here to view homes for sale in Elk Grove.


Brentwood is a small, established Bozeman neighborhood just off of Oak near Emily Dickinson Elementary School. Because most of the homes in this subdivision were built in the '90s, some that come on the market need updating. Luckily, the prices can be lower in Brentwood than in nearby neighborhoods like Harvest Creek and Annie Subdivision leaving extra money to invest in updates. There is a small trail that winds through the neighborhood, it is close to parks and has easy access to shopping and dining on North 19th Ave. This is a very charming neighborhood with lots of mature trees, including maples that really show off in the fall. Click here for homes for sale in Brentwood.

Norton Ranch

Norton Ranch is a newer subdivision in west Bozeman with more affordable home options than some of the other new subdivisions in town. On average the homes in this subdivision are 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and under 2,000 Sq.Ft. Most are priced under $400/Sq.Ft. Norton Ranch is a master-planned community with walking trails, a park, and a community garden. Phase 5 is coming soon. Click here for homes for sale in Norton Ranch.

Valley Unit

Valley Unit is another established neighborhood in Bozeman on the west side of town. Because this subdivision was developed in the 80's, the lot sizes are much larger than standard lots in the newer subdivisions in Bozeman. The home prices are pretty average compared to the surrounding neighborhoods, but you get more outside space. There is a mix of large and small homes, and most list for under $350/Sq.Ft. depending on if they have been updated. Click here to view homes for sale in Valley Unit.

Cattail Creek

Cattail Creek is a subdivision that features both single-family and multi-family homes. When it comes to condominiums, Cattail Creek is a neighborhood where you get more for your money. It is a newer subdivision and set up well for condo life with trails throughout, a basketball court, parks, and open space. There are a variety of architectural designs so it doesn't feel like a cookie-cutter condo development. On average condos are listed under $300/Sq.Ft. in Cattail Creek. Single-family homes don't come on the market often in this subdivision and if they do, they are priced more in line with current Bozeman home prices. Click here for homes for sale in Cattail Creek.

Durston Meadows

Durston Meadows was one of the first subdivisions to pop up as Bozeman started growing north of Durston and west of 19th in the late '90s. At the time you could buy one of these homes for under $100,000! How things have changed! When these homes first started selling, many were bought by people wanting investment properties and it became a popular rental area for college students. Over the years as home prices have gone up, the subdivision has shifted and now you'll find a mix of rentals and owner-occupied homes in Durston Meadows. The homes typically list for under $350/Sq.Ft. and feature 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms giving you more for your money than other subdivisions in the area. It is an ideal location across the street from Emily Dickinson Elementary and tucked between Durston and Oak Street. Click here for homes for sale in Durston Meadows.


When homes in these subdivisions come on the market, they do not last long, so it's a good idea to sign up for our new listing notifications so you can be notified the minute a home comes on the market. While home prices in the surrounding areas have been steadily rising as well, you can still get more for your money in these communities. Belgrade, Livingston, and Three Forks have homes at much lower prices than Bozeman while still being a short drive away.

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