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Thinking of Moving to Montana? Here Are the 5 Best Cities to Consider

Thinking of Moving to Montana? Here Are the 5 Best Cities to Consider

On Jul 18, 2023

Montana has become a popular destination to move to in recent years. Whether it's to escape city life, seek a better quality of life, or because of shows like Yellowstone, we understand the appeal. Life in Montana is pretty special. Just be aware it's not really like the show here! Here's a breakdown of the 5 most popular cities to move to in Montana.


In the last 5 years, the population of Bozeman has increased by 19%, making it one of the most popular spots in Montana to live. As locals, we get it! Bozeman is an amazing place to live with a thriving downtown, endless outdoor recreation, beautiful mountains surrounding it, and a community that despite the growing pains is still special. Bozeman is home to Montana State University and has several large employers that draw people to the town. The downside? The influx of people has made it a very expensive place to live. The median sales price of a home has remained above $700,000 for the past couple of years. Click here to learn more about living in Bozeman. 


Missoula is the second largest city in Montana and home to the University of Montana. It has a more laid-back vibe than most of Montana with a fun downtown where there is always something going on like a Farmers Market, live music, or community event. It is set up well as a gathering place with the Clark Fork River flowing through downtown and trails on either side. Like Bozeman, there is so much to do outside but in Missoula, it tends to be on water more than in the mountains because of the access to rivers and lakes nearby. They have faced growth and new development in the past few years, but home prices have not reached the highs we have seen in Bozeman. 
Photo credit Missoula Downtown


The city with the highest population in the state is Billings. It boasts a bustling downtown area, filled with numerous restaurants, shops, and hotels. Additionally, MetraPark is situated nearby, which hosts various large events throughout the year. Despite being more urban than the rest of Montana, Billings still offers outdoor recreational activities. The city's north side is bordered by the Rimrocks, which offers views and hiking trails. Billings is also home to the only zoo in the state, so that's fun! Compared to other cities in Montana, the cost of living in Billings is relatively low and because of its size, there are a number of employment opportunities.
Photo credit Wikimedia


Helena is a city with a rich history. It was founded during the gold rush and quickly become one of the wealthiest cities during the late 1800s. This is why you'll find many large, historic homes and buildings throughout the city. It is also the capital of our state which provides many government jobs to its residents. They have a vibrant community with the Great Northern Town Center that features retail shops, a carousel, a hotel, and restaurants. During Covid, Helena saw an influx of new residents which drove up real estate prices, mostly with people leaving the larger cities in Montana.   
Photo credit Helena Chamber of Commerce


Butte is a smaller town only 90 miles from Bozeman. Like all the other towns in Montana, Butte is unique in its own way. It's big enough to have the amenities you need, but clings to its Montana roots and history as an Irish community. Just visit here on St. Patrick's Day and you will know what we mean! Uptown has restaurants, bars, and shops and the surrounding mountains offer plenty for the outdoors enthusiast. During the pandemic, many people who got priced out of Bozeman made their way to Butte and they continue to see growth and steady real estate prices. 
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Looking for a small Montana town? Click here or here for some ideas!

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