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Visiting Downtown, Bozeman Montana

Visiting Downtown, Bozeman Montana

On Mar 31, 2022

We live in a town that is growing fast. While this changes the landscape of Bozeman, it also gives all of us more options of where to dine out, where to shop, and where to hang out with friends, there is still something special about downtown Bozeman. You’ll notice in other cities, as they grow, pocket neighborhoods grow up and people stick to their own little corner of the world. This is a cool aspect, to see businesses branch out and we are seeing that here in Bozeman. The northeast part of town is having a resurgence with coffee shops, bakeries and music venues, Ferguson Farm is making progress in the northwest and the building on Kagy and S. 3rd is home to some of Bozeman’s best restaurants. However, our downtown still brings everyone together. Whether it's for a summer Art Walk, Christmas Stroll or just a Friday night, Bozemanites love Main Street. Let’s take a walk downtown -

First things first. Coffee. Mornings in downtown Bozeman are quiet as the city begins to wake up. Before the stores open, coffee is brewing on pretty much every block. Wild Joe’s, Zocalo, and Rockford, all great choices to jump-start your morning with a latte. Check out our list of the best coffee shops in Bozeman. If coffee isn’t your thing, Steep Mountain Tea is bound to have what you need to get your caffeine fix. After you have your coffee, take some time to window shop up and down each side of Main. It usually takes just enough time to finish your coffee to go up one side and down the other. That is unless you run into someone you know, which still happens here. Time for breakfast! No need to leave Main Street, there are so many choices. Of course, there is everyone's favorite, Nova Cafe. It’s hard to resist their unique eggs benedict choices and yummy waffles. If you happen to be there on a day the special is Nutella waffles do yourself a favor and get them. Main Street Overeasy and the Western are two of Bozeman’s longest-standing breakfast joints and Jam is one of the trendiest, so is still tough to get a table but worth the wait. All good options. Cateye Cafe is just plain fun and the best mimosa in town. Click here for our best places for breakfast in Bozeman.

Moving on. By now the stores are open and window shopping can turn into real shopping. There is truly something for everyone and the shop local vibe is real in downtown Bozeman. For the guys Revolvr for the hipsters and Schnee’s and Chalet Sports for the outdoors enthusiast. For the ladies, there are obviously more. The Root and Cosmica Boutique for the latest fashion trends and Meridian and Damselfy for the classic looks.  For unique gifts for yourself or others HeyDay is the go-to. Music and book lovers? Don’t miss Vargo's and Country Bookshelf. These are true gifts to Bozeman’s downtown and are very much a part of the history. Click here for our 10 best locally-owned clothing stores in Bozeman.

It is most likely time for a break. Maybe a glass of wine on a patio while watching the downtown activity? Sounds good. Click here for our list of the best happy hours in Bozeman. Try Plonk for a glass of vino. Bacchus Pub and the R Bar are perfect choices if you’d prefer a cocktail and if those are all too crowded, which if it’s a sunny afternoon in Bozeman they probably are then try Revelry or the Taproom (best views with a beer!) You could have an appetizer at any of these, but save room for dinner…

Dinner options in downtown Bozeman will fit whatever you might be hungry for. For something casual Burger Bob’s and Mackenzie River Pizza Company are some good old-school choices. For pasta, you can’t go wrong with Blackbird or Cafe Fresco. Heist or 1864 are excellent choices for a fine dining experience…each offering local, fresh ingredients.

To wrap it all up, another stroll down Main Street as the sun is setting is in order. But don’t do this empty-handed! A walk is always better with ice cream. Head to the Sweet Peaks for some homemade ice cream.  If you have extra time and it’s a beautiful evening, keep the stroll going further and make your way towards Peet’s Hill. It’s a wonderful place to watch the sunset over our lovely town.

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