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Best Places for Breakfast in Bozeman

Best Places for Breakfast in Bozeman

On Jun 21, 2022

Breakfast in Bozeman is serious business. Every day of the week you’ll find the local cafes full of both locals and visitors sipping on locally roasted coffee and fueling up on huevos rancheros. Bozeman has everything from fusion breakfast joints with a modern twist, to cozy cafes that have scarcely changed in the last 50 years. When it comes to finding the best breakfast in Bozeman, you’ve got plenty of choices!

Main Street Overeasy

Walk in-to Main Street Overeasy on a Saturday morning and you’ll find an eclectic mix of people from long-time regulars, to groups of teenagers, families and the occasional cowboy all happily sipping their coffee, reading the paper and enjoying the classic breakfast food that is Main Street Overeasy. With everything from the classic scrambles to our personal favorite, the stuffed French toast, the menu has something for everyone. And, thanks to the great service, your coffee cup will never run empty.

Vienne Cafe

This French-inspired bakery is one of our favorite places in Bozeman! The pastries are baked fresh daily and the breakfast selections are almost too pretty to eat. They have great sandwiches for lunch and homemade soup. Make sure to leave with some of their bread and always order one of their dessert pastries, you will not be disappointed. They are just off Main Street on the corner of Wallace and Babcock with a cozy vibe and friendly atmosphere. 

Photo credit Vienne Cafe

Storm Castle Cafe

They serve breakfast all day and have a fantastic variety! Located near MSU, Storm Castle occasionally gets overlooked. They use local ingredients and have a welcoming environment. If you haven't been to Storm Castle, make sure it's your next breakfast spot!

Photo credit Storm Castle Cafe

Wild Crumb

Once referred to as the “best bakery on earth” Bozeman’s Wild Crumb bakery in the Cannery District is nothing to be scoffed at. Wild Crumb draws a loyal following, who come for the caramelized onion rolls, cakes, pastries and amazing bread. If you are looking for a great grab-and-go breakfast on your way to the mountains or if you want to hang around and enjoy the homey atmosphere, this is the place for you!

The Western Café

The Western Café is more of a community than a café, where the customers and servers are often on a first name basis, where the environment and the food are simple and the local roots run deep. Often called the “Last Best Café” , the Western Café has been around for nearly a century and has no signs of going anywhere!

Nova Café

It’s never a surprise to see Nova Café on Bozeman’s best breakfast list! A Bozeman classic, you will almost always find a small crowd gathering on the sidewalk outside. The menu here is amazing, using local eggs, local home fries, and a delicious house-made hollandaise, the décor is bright, welcoming, and kid-friendly and the staff always greets you with a smile.


One of Bozeman’s most popular spots for breakfast Jam, is well, jamming. There’s almost always a line out the door at this place on the weekends and for a good reason! Jam is turning the idea of a traditional breakfast joint on its head with fusion-style twists on your classic breakfast recipes like crab cake eggs benedict or cinnamon roll pancakes. They also have an impressive selection of specialty cocktails and take their coffee service very seriously.

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