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Bozeman West Side Development - Baxter 80

Bozeman West Side Development - Baxter 80

On Mar 28, 2024

Update - City commissioners approved the annexation of Baxter 80 into the city and rezoning it to R-4 and R-5

Northwest Crossing could be getting a neighbor to the west. The 80-acre parcel directly next to the project has submitted an application to be annexed into the city and re-zoned for development. Northwest Crossing broke ground last year and is zoned REMU, residential mixed-use. The proposed new development is asking for the land to be annexed and zoned R-5 and R-4, both residential high-density zoning. 

According to documents, 19 acres of the parcel are wetlands, and developers said they would comply with regulations and incorporate them into the development. They hope that with the zoning they are proposing they can have a variety of housing types throughout the project.  The development board recently voted 3-2 in favor of approving the annexations and zoning so it will now move to the city commission.

We are seeing a trend of large parcels of land in this part of Bozeman asking to be annexed into the city and re-zoned. Three separate proposals have been submitted near E Valley Center, Harper Pucket, and Hidden Valley. Turnrow is in the initial review stage, Project 86 was recently approved, and Harpers Corner, 40 acres west of that is in the public review stage. 

We will have updates on this and other developments as we get new information. Please sign up for our Local Info newsletter if you want to be the first to know!

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