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Proposed Bozeman Developments Near Harper Pucket, Hidden Valley and Valley Center Road

Proposed Bozeman Developments Near Harper Pucket, Hidden Valley and Valley Center Road

On Jun 13, 2024

Some proposed changes are coming to the far northwest corner of Bozeman. This area has been predominantly agriculture, but as Bozeman grows, we see the edges of town become the focus of developments. Right now, a few sections of land along Valley Center Road, Hidden Valley Road, and Davis Lane have applications with the city for annexation and zoning changes.


In the initial review phase is Turnrow with the proposed use of commercial and residential development. This area is currently zoned REMU (residential emphasis mixed-used). It is located at the southwest corner of E Valley Center Rd and Davis Lane. The developer of this piece of land is working with the city to bring affordable housing to this part of town. The city utilized the American Rescue Plan grant money they received to invest $5 million to build sewage infrastructure. In return, the developer is using a 5-acre piece of the land for affordable housing. They plan to provide 100 units on that tract. We will update the information here as it becomes available.


This parcel of land sits at the corner of Davis Lane and Catamount and the developers have submitted an annexation and zoning application for the 86 acres. The proposed development is in the early design stage. The application states that the project will be consistent with the City of Bozeman Growth Policy and will connect to the city services. It has been preliminarily approved to change the zoning from Agriculture Suburban to REMU (residential emphasis mixed-used). Sign up for our Local Info newsletter to stay up to date on this development.


Bordering the west side of Project Eighty-6 is another developer proposing to be annexed into the city and have a zoning change. This piece of land is 40.12 acres and is bordered by Hidden Valley on the west side, near Harpers Pucket Rd. The application is for annexation into the City of Bozeman as well as changing the zoning to R-4 for two parcels. It is currently zoned Agricultural Suburban. It is designated Urban Neighborhood in the Future Land Use Map and because it is near the two above parcels that have been annexed and re-zoned, expect the application to be approved. The property would be accessed by Hidden Valley and Catamount, for which the city is proposing a road extension. According to the application for the project, the developer is proposing 10 buildings with 400 units. They originally requested R-5 zoning and were denied.

*Update 5/2/2024 - It is on the agenda for the May 7th meeting and the city commission is recommending to approve the Harper's Corner Zone Map Amendment with contingencies of approval necessary to complete the adoption of an implementing ordinance. 

*Update - The proposal to be included within the city limits was approved, but the request to be zoned as R-4 did not pass. The zoning request received a 3-2 vote, but because of a formal protest made by the neighbors, it required a supermajority to proceed. 

*Update 6/12/2024 - The developers are now proposing to change to R-3 zoning on the western parcel of land and R-4 on the eastern parcel. Each parcel is 20.06 acres.

These projects are in the early stages and will be updated as we get new information. Please sign up for our Local Info newsletter for updates

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