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South Range Crossing - New South Bozeman Development

South Range Crossing - New South Bozeman Development

On Jan 23, 2024

Preliminary plat applications are under review for a 38-acre development on Bozeman's growing south side. Located on the SE corner of 19th and W Graf, South Range Crossing is in the initial review stage. The application seeks to subdivide the property into lots for a residential mixed-use development that will include various housing types, a clubhouse, parks, and commercial space. The commercial space would include retail, restaurant, and office space along 19th. The residential would be a mix of rental and for-sale homes. The developers are in talks with an affordable housing developer about getting Low Income Housing Tax Credit funding on the east side of the property. This would be for an estimated 300 units.

The developers are proposing to rezone the land with 22 acres of REMU, residential emphasis mixed-use, and 7.5 acre4s of B-2M, community business district mixed-use. 

Providence Development is developing the project and they hope to keep a community-driven approach by connecting trails and amenities with neighboring subdivisions.  This is the same group that is developing Northwest Crossing.  

This is just one of many recent developments on Bozeman's south side.

 We will update the progress here as it becomes available. 

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