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North Loop Industrial Park - Development in North Bozeman

North Loop Industrial Park - Development in North Bozeman

On Apr 09, 2024

North Loop Industrial Park is a proposed development near N. 7th Avenue between I-90 and the Frontage Rd. The developer is York Developments and on their website, we found site plans and information for future projects. The majority of the area is zoned Industrial, M-1 and M-2. On the site plan, some residential is included. 

The 250 acres have approximately 85 acres of fee-simple land (landowner's total ownership) along the railroad and 165 acres of state-leased land. According to York Developments website, there are three phases in the project. Phase 1 was completed in fall 2022 and Phase 2 was recently completed. Phase 3 is slated to begin in 2025 and it will include 85 acres of industrial land west of the creek. Rail access will be the focus of this phase. 

On the North Loop Bozeman website, we were particularly interested in the proposed residential projects in Phase 1.


York Developments has a partnership with Wyndam Hotel Group to develop its new economy extended stay hotels, Echo. They plan to develop these in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The first 124-room hotel is proposed to be in Bozeman on Tract 3/South on 2.1-acres in North Loop. 
Photo credit York Developments


According to York Developments, this sustainable urban development is being designed by ThinkTank Design Group on 8.95-acres on Tract 4 of North Loop. It will be Montana's first mass-timber modular housing community and consist of 544 units at or below 80% of the AMI (area median income). It will include communal green space and walking paths. It states they are in the design and permitting process.
 Photo credit York Developments

According to the city of Bozeman development page, the parcels of land in the North Loop Industrial Park are in various stages of the initial review, and application stages. To stay up-to-date on this project and other developments in Bozeman, sign up for our Local Info newsletter here. 

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