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Development on Bozeman's South Side

Development on Bozeman's South Side

On Jun 10, 2020

For an updated version of this post, click here. While so much of Bozeman’s recent growth has been centered downtown, in midtown, or on the west side, there are a number of development projects planned for Bozeman’s south side as well.

Blackwood Groves

The Blackwood Groves development is located just south of the Alder Creek subdivision and just east of 19th Avenue. The proposal for the development includes turning the 120-acre parcel into a walkable, mixed-use community. The development would be mostly residential, with a variety of home options for a wide range of income levels. The idea is that the development will provide amenities and services to all surrounding areas with businesses like coffee shops and restaurants. The development would include a series of parks, plazas, natural open spaces, and trails to encourage foot traffic and discourage the use of vehicles. Click here to see what's currently for sale in Blackwood Groves. 

South University District

Development in the South University District began 12 years ago with the construction of the Stadium View Apartment complex and more recently The Arrow Townhome & Flats. These first phases of development brought much-needed housing for more than 1,400 Montana State University students and have slowly started to attract local businesses to the area.

Now, even more new developments are about to bring major change to the Southside of Bozeman. Phase 3 of the South University District is set to develop 75 acres of farmland on the corner of South 19th and Kagy Boulevard. Bozeman city commissioners have been quoted saying this phase of the South University District development could become Bozeman’s “second downtown” with high-density housing, residential housing, storefronts, trails, and 30 acres of park space.

The property is owned by California based company RTR Holdings II, and according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, it will be a few years before any construction begins.

And this isn’t the only major development happening in the area. Just across 19th Avenue, condo buildings like the Talbach House Condominiums and the South Rows Condominiums 57 units have recently been constructed, while the surrounding Southbridge subdivision is growing quickly with projects like the Blackwood Homes and the Gallatin Ridge Condominiums.

Gran Cielo Subdivision

The Gran Cielo subdivision is a 49-acre subdivision located west of 19th Avenue between Graf Street and Stucky Road. Gran Cielo creates community through common living space and the focus of the subdivision is a beautiful central park at the heart of the neighborhood. There are a wide array of home types, sizes, and styles, each with unique architecture and contemporary design.

The Kul Condos at Gran Cielo are a value-focused option with high-quality construction. They offer 3 bedrooms with 2.5 or 3.5 bath options in a duplex or triplex townhouse style. The Fika Narrow Homes at Gran Cielo provide the amenities of a condo while living like single-family homes. There are 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath plans with an option for a living suite above the detached garage. The Lagom single-family homes have plans for either single-story or two-story, between 2,000-2,5000 SF. The Glede homes are luxury homes built on premiere lots surrounding the park. Contact us for more information.

Allison Subdivision

The Allison subdivision is one of the few new subdivisions in this established area of Bozeman. The subdivision’s development is in its 5th phase and project documents show plans to develop 48 acres just South of Montana State University and West of Morning Star Elementary. The project is expected to include 50 lots to be developed into single-family homes, townhomes and multi-residential homes. Click here to see homes currently for sale in the Allison subdivision.

Home 40 Subdivision

The Home 40 subdivision is a new subdivision on Bozeman's south side that offers large lots which range from 1.2 - 1.8 acres. The Home 40 subdivision has many amenities with ponds, a pool, community center, fitness center and 3+ miles of trails. It is located close to Hyalite Canyon, yet it is still a short drive from downtown Bozeman. Click here to see what's for sale in the Home 40 subdivision. We currently have two luxury listings under construction in Home 40 subdivision. 120 Clancy Way and 151 Clancy are not to be missed!

Yellowstone Theological Center

An 80-acre property on South 19th has been placed in a trust for the future Yellowstone Theological Center campus. This property is just south of the South University District. Infrastructure for the future campus has been put in place but development is on hold while fundraising efforts are underway. According to the application filed with the city of Bozeman in 2015, the institute is committed to creating an open and inviting campus that "will provide opportunities for students and faculty to use the property, as well as opportunities for the greater Bozeman community to access the privately held park space." Plans for the property include a chapel and classroom facilities along with soccer fields, parks, and trail networks.

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