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Best Subdivisions in Northwest Bozeman

Best Subdivisions in Northwest Bozeman

The northwest side of Bozeman is one of Bozeman's fastest-growing areas. New subdivisions keep popping up as the city expands towards Four Corners and Belgrade. The appeal of this part of Bozeman is that most of the neighborhoods are new, with great features such as trails and neighborhood parks.  Here are some of the subdivisions that make up Bozeman's northwest area. 



LOCATION - Nicely situated between Oak and Durston for easy access to shopping, restaurants and N. 19th.

TYPE OF HOMES - Single-family

UNIQUE FEATURES - Harvest Creek is one of the more established neighborhoods in the northwest side of Bozeman and one of the few subdivisions in this area with only single-family homes.

TRAILS - A nice trail meanders through the heart of the subdivision.

PARK/OPEN SPACE - The neighborhood park has a playground, basketball court and plenty of open space to play baseball or toss the frisbee for the dog.

HOA, COVENANTS, AND DUES - Yes, managed through Minnick Management.



LOCATION - Located between Davis and Baxter Lane near Oak Street and N. 19th.

TYPE OF HOMES - Single family

UNIQUE FEATURES - This newer subdivision has grown quickly in the past few years.  The nice thing is it will always remain a small neighborhood because it has no place to expand.

TRAILS - Surrounded by the 100-Acre Regional Park on two sides with an abundance of trails.

PARK/OPEN SPACE - There isn't a neighborhood park, but with its close proximity to the 100-Acre Regional Park there is direct access to the Dinosaur Playground, beach, ponds, sled hill, off-leash dog area and plenty of open space!




LOCATION - Both Baxter Meadows and Baxter Meadows West can be accessed from Baxter Lane, Davis or Harper Pucket.

TYPE OF HOMES - Single-family homes only in Baxter Meadows West.  Both single-family and multi-family homes in Baxter Meadows.

UNIQUE FEATURES - Within the Baxter Meadows community there are 6 sub homeowners association all under one master homeowners association.  Each sub-association was created to support a specific area of the neighborhood this means different guidelines and covenants can be found throughout. 

TRAILS - There are trails meandering through both Baxter Meadows and Baxter Meadows West connecting to the various parks as well as to Chief Joseph Middle School. Across Baxter Lane is the 100-Acre Regional Park with even more trails, a pond, playground, and park space. 

PARK/OPEN SPACE - The 10-acre park with the subdivision offers a playground, stream and open space. Throughout the neighborhoods, there are also a few pocket parks. 

HOA, COVENANTS, DUES -Yes, managed through various companies with one master HOA, dues vary.



LOCATION - Behind Target and Costco easily accessible via N. 19th and Davis Avenue.

TYPE OF HOMES - Single and multi-family homes.

UNIQUE FEATURES - A stream, trail, and small ponds meander through the heart of this neighborhood.

TRAILS - Several trails go through the subdivision.

PARK/OPEN SPACE - There is plenty of open space, a basketball court and a playground in Cattail Creek.




LOCATION- Tucked between Oak Street and Durston. Also accessible from Ferguson Avenue. 

TYPE OF HOMES - Single and multi-family

UNIQUE FEATURES - This neighborhood is right across the street from the 100-Acre Regional park and all it has to offer with the Dinosaur playground, two lakes and trails.  \Several of the homes have a view of the lakes and Bridger Mountains.

TRAILS - Extensive network of trails throughout the neighborhood.

PARK/OPEN SPACE - A 10-acre park with playground, wetlands area and huge open space area are in the heart of Oak Springs subdivision.  Also in the park is a covered pavilion with picnic tables perfect for neighborhood get-togethers.




LOCATION - Between Oak Street and Baxter Lane.  Also accessible via N. 19th and Davis Lane.

TYPE OF HOMES - Single and multi-family homes.

UNIQUE FEATURES - The location of West Winds is one of the best.  A short distance off of N. 19th makes it close to shopping, restaurants, and retail while still tucked back enough to be a quiet neighborhood.

TRAILS - A trail goes through the main middle of the subdivision.

PARK/OPEN SPACE - While there is no playground in West Winds there are two big open space parks.

HOA, COVENANTS, DUES-  Yes, managed by Minnick Management.



LOCATION - Between Ferguson and Cottonwood off of Durston.

TYPE OF HOMES- Single and multi-family.

UNIQUE FEATURES - The focus of Valley West is community and they’ve done a great job developing this.  With parks, trails, playgrounds, trails, streams, and lakes with a pavilion to encourage family and neighborhood gatherings. 

TRAILS - Four miles of pedestrian trails looping through the subdivision.  Much of the trail follows the stream that feature beautiful covered bridges.

PARK/OPEN SPACE - The playground in the middle of the subdivision is great for the kids and the 5-acre Meyers Lake is full of swimmers in the summer and ice skaters in the winter. 


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