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5 New Bozeman Businesses

5 New Bozeman Businesses

On Oct 27, 2021

#1 The Well Juicery

This is one of two new juices businesses getting ready to open in Bozeman! The Well Juicery will offer 100% organic, cold-pressed juice plus grab-and-go food for breakfast and lunch. They will be opening soon and you can find them in Ferguson Farm near the Market

Photo credit: The Well Juicery Facebook

#2 Fern Houseplants

Who doesn't love a good plant store?! This new beauty is now open at 1205 E Main Street and has everything you need (and things you didn't know you needed) when it comes to house plants. They offer a wide variety of plants and pots with hopes to eventually team up with a local ceramic artist to stock locally made pots. We're thinking Gangbusters Pottery would be perfect!

Photo credit - Fern Houseplants

#3 Last Call Modern Mexican

It's so great to see a new restaurant open in this cozy spot that was previously Revelry (and before that, Over the Tapas!). Last Call features Baja Mexican culture with seasonal ingredients from Montana and the surrounding area. Their food is not only presented beautifully it's also delicious!

Photo credit - Last Call Modern Mexican

#4 Clean Juice

Here's the second juice spot! Now you can get you're juice fix no matter what end of town you're in. Clean Juice will be opening soon across the street from RSVP Motel and Whittier School. They are a USDA-certified organic juice bar that is locally owned.

Photos credit - Clean Juice

#5 Michoacan a Pedir de Boca

Okay, they technically opened this summer but it still had to be on our list! This gem serves handmade ice creams, paletas, aguas frescas and a few other yummy Mexican treats. They have a huge variety of flavors like mango, pistachio and...tequila with almonds! This is one to try the next time you decide to go out for ice cream!

Photo credit - Michoacan a Pedir de Boca

Bonus - The Flower Bar

Not a new business, but we are so excited that they are going to be opening a new retail space! They plan to open in November and it is sure to be amazing. Keep an eye on their social media for more details and a grand opening party!

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