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5 Most Popular Posts From Our Blog in 2021

5 Most Popular Posts From Our Blog in 2021

On Dec 30, 2021

On the blog in 2021, we wrote many articles about Bozeman’s real estate market, gave plenty of tips for those thinking of moving to Bozeman, offered up some advice for those thinking of selling their homes in Bozeman, and of course, wrote some posts that were just for fun. As we look back on the year, it is always interesting to see which of our posts are read the most. Here are the 5 most popular posts from our blog in 2021.

#1. How Much Do Homes Currently Cost in Bozeman

Is there any Bozeman-related topic more popular than the cost of homes? Apparently not, because this post was our most viewed this year! The home prices on this post are updated monthly, and we keep a running list of what is available in each price range. It’s a great place to start if you aren’t sure what is available in Bozeman’s real estate market.

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#2. Living in Montana: Here Are 7 Things You Need to Know

With so many people wondering what life in Montana is like, we thought it would be best to lay it all out there! Not everyone knows that you don’t always have cell service in Montana, that you can’t rely on public transportation, and that Uber isn’t always an option. So we broke it all down in this post.

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#3. Living in Bozeman, Montana: The Good and the Bad

This post is an honest take on the pros and cons of living in Bozeman, Montana. We don’t sugarcoat the challenges of living here but we don’t leave out the good things either! To find out what are pros and cons are, read this post!

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#4. Why Are So Many People Moving to Montana?

Montana’s popularity has surged over the last 2 years and a growing number of people are considering moving to Montana. This post breaks down the 5 biggest reasons people are moving to Montana. And yes, the show Yellowstone is one of them.

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#5. Bozeman's Downtown Developments

Development in Bozeman moves quickly, especially downtown. This post is a running list of all of the developments currently underway in downtown Bozeman This year, the most newsworthy development was the North Central project, the largest development to date in this area.

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