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10 Best Things About Living in Bozeman

10 Best Things About Living in Bozeman

On Jan 19, 2019

The Outdoors

If you head 30 minutes out of town in just about any direction you can be at a trailhead, at a river, or even on top of a mountain. The wilderness that surrounds the Gallatin Valley is seemingly endless and that’s just the way we like it! In Bozeman, you don't have to drive for hours to ski, climb, hike or fish. Instead, you can find yourself well into the woods within an hour of leaving your desk.

The Views

The Gallatin Valley is surrounded by six mountain ranges, meaning no matter which direction you look, you’ll get to enjoy incredible mountain views. The Bridger Mountains are the most prominent mountains in Bozeman and most residents have spent many a day staring at them while they plan their next adventure.

The Community

We are so proud to live in a community of people that not only support each other but also support the town we all love. In Bozeman, neighbors help neighbors, people hold doors open for others, and strangers smile as they pass on the street. The amount of support our local non-profits get from the community and the success of our schools is a true testament to how much people in Bozeman care about the community we are shaping.

The Skiing

Bozeman residents get to enjoy quick access to not one, but two ski resorts. Bridger Bowl is just 20 minutes from Bozeman and boasts some of the best ski terrain in the nation. 45 minutes away, Bozemanites can ski more than 5,800 acres at Big Sky Resort. And for cross country skiers, there are so many trails in and around Bozeman! A few of our favorites are Bridger Creek Golf Course (great for beginners!) the Hyalite Loop and South Cottonwood Trail. On top of that, Crosscut Mountain Sports Center in Bridger Canyon offers more than 20 miles of groomed trails.

The Trails

Thanks to the Gallatin Valley Land Trust, the entire city of Bozeman is connected through more than 80 miles of trails with the “Main Street to the Mountains” trail system. Created with the idea of connecting Bozeman’s core to the public lands that surround our city, this network of trails is easily accessible to nearly all Bozeman residents for walking, biking, running and even wildlife watching.

The Beer

Breweries are popping up all over Bozeman faster than you can say IPA. If we’re being honest, there’s not a single one we don’t like. Bozeman has an impressive selection of locally brewed beers and taste tests have become a favorite local pastime.

The Culture

One wouldn’t think that a town in Montana would offer one of the world’s finest research and history museums. But, surprisingly, this is the case. Aside from the highly-acclaimed Museum of the Rockies, you will find an impressive symphony, thriving dance scene and so many talented local artists – you won’t be able to keep track of them all! As for events, whether you prefer a quiet concert, a comedy show of a full-on community gathering, there is something for everyone in Bozeman. Some of our favorite events are the annual car show, Crusin on Main, the Christmas Stroll or the summer concert series Music on Main. With the number of events that our community puts on, we keep ourselves well entertained year-round!

The Seasons

Dreaming of a white Christmas? A beautiful fall? Or a rainy spring? Here in Montana, we get to experience all 4 seasons – one way or another. While it may snow in August, or be 65 degrees in December, we feel lucky to experience the change in all 4 seasons.

The Fishing

With five major rivers, countless streams and many mountain lakes, Bozeman is known for its access to world-class fishing. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an avid fisherman, there is no shortage of places to throw a cast. If you are looking for a little help, it is easy to find exceptional fishing guides in the areas surrounding Bozeman.

The Hunting

Thanks to the abundant wildlife populations in Montana, hunting season in Montana is the real deal. Whether its elk, deer, game birds or even bears, Montana is certainly a top destination when it comes to hunting wild game.

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