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Top Spring Landscaping Trends in Bozeman

Top Spring Landscaping Trends in Bozeman

On May 23, 2017

Everything is in full bloom in Bozeman and each weekend you can find people out working in their yards, happy to be outside. Here’s a look at the top landscaping trends for spring 2017.

Lots of Green

While a colorful yard of flowers is of course beautiful, a new trend this season seems to be different shades of green! Swing into any nursery and you can see just how many different versions of green you can find in trees, shrubs and bushes. Pull in the dark, forest greens of pines along with the light shades in aspens. You’ll end up with a lush looking yard and can always add some fun pops of color with patio furniture and flower pots.

Encouraging Pollinators

One big trend in landscaping right now with homeowners is planting native plants to help bring in the birds, bees and butterflies. These natural pollinators encourage more summer blooms, eat some of the bad bugs and not to get too deep here, they are crucial to our food supply. Consider this before deciding what type of plants and flowers to put in your yard, as well as going easy on the chemicals you use to keep the pollinators happy. Ask one of the experts at one of our local nurseries to find out what plants and flowers are best for this. If you want to know more about bees and how to encourage them, stop by Montana Honey Bee Company in downtown Bozeman. They are so helpful and you can pick up some honey while you are there!

Outdoor Kitchens

In Bozeman our summers are short so you have to make the most of this time and that means doing most things outdoors. Meals included. Some go all out with a full kitchen (or outdoor pizza oven for those with a big budget!) and furniture nicer than you have indoors. However, it’s not necessary to break the bank to dine al fresco. A simple barbeque, patio table and maybe some decorative lights can do the trick. Without all the bells and whistles you still have a lovely outdoor kitchen. To be honest, in Bozeman the warm sunny evenings are all you need.


Gardening is gaining more popularity each summer season in Bozeman. Maybe because it seems like winters are getting a little shorter so you can actually grow some things before the danger of frost comes. There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes in a Montana August. You don’t have to take up a ton of yard for a garden either…a couple raised beds or even just some pots for peppers or herbs will give you a taste of fresh food this summer. Luckily in Bozeman if you don’t have a green thumb you can still get all the benefits of fresh produce from one of the summer farmer’s markets or local CSA’s.

Downsizing Yards

With the growth Bozeman has seen over the years it’s no surprise that new subdivisions are featuring smaller lots sizes. The benefit of this is rather than taking care of huge yards on summer weekends, you can actually be out playing! A small yard is more manageable and more affordable to landscape. You can splurge on bigger trees, more flowers and maybe even a hammock…ahhh.


This has been a big trend over the last couple of years and Bozeman is no exception. With our dry summers, homeowners are drawn to sustainable landscape design for economic and environmental reasons. Investing in native to Montana trees and plants that can withstand our harsh winters and dry season. All of these trends tie to sustainability when you bring in the idea of welcoming pollinators, downsizing yards and including gardens so you are eating what you are planting. Gotta love that!

We have hopefully (fingers crossed!) seen the last of the snow here in the valley. Now is the time to get the yard ready for summer barbeques, parties and lounging!


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