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Free Thanksgiving Meals in Bozeman 2022

Free Thanksgiving Meals in Bozeman 2022

On Nov 01, 2022

We are excited to continue our tradition of Miracle at Midtown at Bourbon this year! Here you will find details about this free community meal, as well as other Thanksgiving meals happening in Bozeman this year.

Miracle at Midtown - Bourbon BBQ

Thursday, November 24th, 12:00 - 3:00 p.m

Bozeman Real Estate Group and Bourbon BBQ are hosting a FREE Thanksgiving meal open to all members of the community. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner will be served from 12:00-3:00 p.m on Thanksgiving Day. All are welcome! Bourbon is located at 515 W Aspen in Midtown. Call 406-587-1717 with any questions.

Taco Montes

Thursday, November 24th, 12:00 pm until they run out!

Taco Montes will be hosting their 7th annual Turkey Montes! They will be providing a home-cooked meal, free of charge to anyone in the community.

Thanksgiving Box from the Gallatin Valley Food Bank

The Gallatin Valley Food Bank is giving away Thanksgiving boxes with all the ingredients you need for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. There are no income restrictions, anyone who needs a box can get one. Call 406-586-7600 or visit their website to sign up! There will be two locations to pick up the boxes on November 20th in Belgrade and Bozeman. 


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