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Everything you Need to Know About Bozeman Schools

Everything you Need to Know About Bozeman Schools

On Oct 30, 2018

We often get asked by people considering moving to Bozeman, where are the best schools? To which we always reply "They're all fantastic!" While this is true, each school is unique in what they offer, the number of students, location and more. Around here, learning goes beyond the classroom with field trips to Lewis and Clark Caverns and ski days at Bridger Bowl. We are lucky to be a part of a community where education is a priority and it shows in the quality of the teachers, schools and programs offered.


Currently, there are 8 elementary schools in the Bozeman Schools District. The first four are the older schools that are tucked into Bozeman's historic areas. HAWTHORNE Elementary is located at the corner of Rouse and Mendenhall. It's a smaller school with 3-4 classrooms per grade level. They recently added on making room for the growing number of students in the district boundaries. WHITTIER school is a few blocks west of Hawthorne and smaller with around 2 classrooms per grade level. It is also one of the two schools in the district that offers a public preschool. LONGFELLOW is situated off of South Tracy in a beautiful neighborhood and has also had an addition built in the last few years. They have 3-4 classrooms per grade level. IRVING is located near Montana State University and has around 2 classrooms per grade level. They feature international education and focus on unity through diversity.

Around 20 years ago, the Bozeman School District built two new elementary schools to accommodate the growing west and south sides of town. EMILY DICKINSON is on N. 25th between Durston and Oak Street. These newer schools are bigger with Emily Dickinson having 4-5 classrooms per grade. MORNING STAR is on the south end of town near Alder Creek Subdivision. They have around 3-4 classrooms per grade.

The two newest elementary schools are HYALITE and MEADOWLARK. Both of these schools are similar to Emily and Morning Star in classroom size. They both sit on the ever-growing north-west side of Bozeman that is growing by leaps and bounds (and is home to the new high school)


There are currently two middle schools in Bozeman. CHIEF JOSEPH MIDDLE SCHOOL is on the north end of Bozeman and SACAJAWEA MIDDLE SCHOOL is on the south side. Each of these schools is 6th, 7th and 8th grade and they are split into two teams per grade level. This makes a nice transition from the smaller class sizes of elementary school into middle school. At the middle schools, the options of elective classes open up to students. There are a variety of art classes, drama, tech ed, world music as well as orchestra, band, and choir. These are the years students get to try a wide variety of classes. Intramural sports are popular among the students and so many different after-school clubs are offered.


Right now BOZEMAN HIGH is Bozeman's one high school. 2018's graduating class had a record of 475 students making it the largest high school in Montana. Located right off Main Street, Bozeman High has taken all the room it can at its current location. They have a popular sports and athletics program, and a top music program that includes a great marching band. They offer college-prep classes, a wide variety of electives and plenty of after-school clubs such as student council, yearbook, speech and debate and a popular student-run newspaper, the Hawk Tawk.

Construction is underway on the second high school, GALLATIN HIGH behind Meadowlark Elementary off of Flanders Mill Rd. Expected completion is fall 2020. This is right when Bozeman High is expected to reach an enrollment of 2,400 students which will definitely ease the crowding at BHS.

The BRIDGER CHARTER ACADEMY is another option for high school age students through the Bozeman School District. Bridger Charter Academy offers a flexible path, based on students needs and learning pace. They can choose the way they learn and slow down or speed up as needed. Any high school student in Bozeman can attend and learn in a smaller community with opportunities outside of the traditional classroom.

For more information on any of the Bozeman public schools and boundary information please click here.


There are a few smaller school districts on the outskirts of Bozeman. ANDERSON SCHOOL is a popular K-8 school on the south-west part of town off of Cottonwood Rd. Class sizes are smaller and they offer many great programs for the students such as the Little Red Schoolhouse Theater and annual trips to D.C. and New York for the 8th-grade students. MONFORTON SCHOOL, near Four Corners, has grown tremendously in the last few years. It has over 500 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. They have strong community support and many activities offered through the school such as sports and art clubs, student council and an after-school program. On the east side of Bozeman is LAMOTTE, a rural K-8 school in beautiful Bear Canyon. The school is surrounded by a stream, wildlife and livestock for a real Montana experience!

Beyond public school, there are two private schools in the Bozeman area. PETRA ACADEMY is the largest and oldest classical school in Montana. It is a cross-denominational Christian school and they offer an open enrollment. The enrollment is just under 200 students. They are a K- 12 school with a strong academics program and an athletics program. HERITAGE CHRISTIAN is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian school. Their enrollment is around 180 students and is accredited in grades K - 12. They also have sports programs and a variety of performing art and after school club options.


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