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7 Most Common Questions About Retiring in Bozeman, Montana

7 Most Common Questions About Retiring in Bozeman, Montana

On Mar 18, 2019

We get a lot of questions from people who are thinking of spending their retirement years in Bozeman. Questions like, how bad are the winters, where are the best areas in Bozeman, and what is the health care like? We answer all of those questions and more right here.

1. Are there any 55+ communities in Bozeman?

Yes! The Knolls at Hillcrest and Greenhouse Village are two designated 55+ communities in Bozeman. There are several other communities in Bozeman that are popular for retirees like the Black Bull Golf Community, the Village Downtown, or the Legends at Bridger Creek. Click here for our list of the best retirement communities in Bozeman to find out which neighborhood is right for you.

2. How is the health care in Bozeman?

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital offers high-quality health care for Bozeman and southwest Montana. Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital is a level III trauma center with advanced medical care. It has a cancer center, dialysis unit, surgical, lab, radiology, and rehabilitation services along with cardiac, capsular, and pulmonary care. Montana is ranked as one of the lowest states for hospital deaths, fourth in the nation! As part of the Bozeman Health network, there are specialty treatment centers, a network of physician and urgent care clinics, outpatient treatment facilities, and retirement and assisted living facilities. Retirees in Bozeman are in good hands!

Billings Clinic has also announced plans to build a 97,000 sq. ft ambulatory center in Bozeman. This center will house outreach services from more than 80 specialties and will offer access to Mayo Clinic specialists through the Mayo Clinic Care Network affiliation and other partnerships. Plans for the center also include a multispecialty physician group practice, urgent care, and an outpatient surgical center.

3. Why are real estate prices so high in Bozeman compared to other areas in Montana?

With the perfect balance of outdoor recreation, amenities, restaurants, culture, and an incredible community, Bozeman is unlike any other place in Montana. The town maintains a youthful energy while catering to the needs of people at all stages in life. Because of the high quality of life Bozeman residents experience, demand and desirability have increased significantly over the years driving real estate prices higher than most of the state. Check out this market report for the most recent Bozeman real estate stats or click here to find out what homes in Bozeman cost right now

4. How bad are the winters?

We would be lying if we said Montana winters were easy. Sometimes we experience relatively mild weather through most of the season, other years the temperature drops dangerously low for several days on end. It does snow, a lot, so you need to be comfortable navigating through winter conditions. The winters here are long, so hopefully, you can enjoy a winter activity like cross country skiing or ice-fishing to help the winter months pass. If the idea of snow removal sends you into a tailspin, you may want to consider finding a property where snow removal is included. You can find information on that in our Guide to Retiring in Bozeman.

5. Are there areas of Bozeman that appreciate more than others?

No one wants to lose money on their home when they go to sell, especially during the golden years. As one of the fastest-growing cities of its size in the U.S, Bozeman and its surrounding areas are a strong choice for real estate investment. As for the value of areas within Bozeman, it’s hard to go wrong. The neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area are highly desirable, and home prices in the area reflect that. Larger properties on the edges of town are also a great investment for those looking for a property with acreage. In all honesty, there are few undesirable areas in Bozeman so no matter which area you choose, you will be making a strong investment. Click here to see Bozeman’s most popular subdivisions or contact us to find out more about Bozeman’s different areas.

6. What about Bozeman’s surrounding areas?

While we may talk a lot about Bozeman, there’s a lot to love about the areas that surround it as well. Just 11 miles away, homes in Belgrade are less expensive than in Bozeman and are closer to the airport. Many retirees enjoy the large lots, stunning views, and close proximity to the Gallatin River that you find in Gallatin Gateway. Others prefer the old western feel of Livingston, a 30-minute drive from Bozeman. Big Sky is a great, albeit more expensive, option for retirement as well, with many rustic-style condos, townhomes, and single-family homes that offer maintenance-free living. Click here for more on Bozeman’s surrounding areas.

7. What is there to do in Bozeman?

How much time do you have? Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a fan of the arts, a lover of music or you prefer a quiet life in the mountains, Bozeman may be the place for you. As far as the outdoors go, the opportunities are endless with blue-ribbon fishing, hiking, rafting, skiing, wildlife watching – we could go on and on. Bozeman has a wonderful arts & culture scene brought to life by the Bozeman Symphony, Emerson Cultural Center, the Ellen Theatre, and many music venues offering a variety of genres and experiences. Bozeman has winter and summer farmer’s markets, as well as special events throughout the year like Music on Main, the annual car show Crusin’ on Main, the Sweet Pea Festival, and the Christmas Stroll. For newcomers, there are many meet-up groups, clubs, and volunteer groups to help connect you with members of the community. More on that in our Guide to Retiring in Bozeman.


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