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There's a lot happening over in Bozeman's Cannery District. New buildings going up, road construction and great businesses. A lot has changed over the years in this area that was once home to the Bozeman Canning Company. Fun history fact, the Gallatin Valley was once known as the pea capital of the nation as we produced 75% of the nation's crop. For many years after that, no one paid much attention to the Cannery District. It was just an area you passed by on Rouse or could see from the Interstate (way before Oak Street went through!) Thanks to the vision to create a new, vibrant space, the Cannery District has become a go-to place for Bozemanites.

This hasn't happened overnight. It started with just the 3-acre corner of Oak and Rouse, formally Weismann's Hardware (now Planet Natural) and a steel sorting business (now Lone Mountain Gymnastics) Eventually they acquired the land to the north and west and began developing this area. Over the years they have saved these buildings and revitalized them to what they are today. Right now there are 50 businesses who call the Cannery District their home.

Here's a list of our favorite businesses in the Cannery District.

Seven Sushi

There are only a handful of places to get sushi in town and Seven is one of the best. They have great appetizers and their patio is an awesome place to spend an evening.

406 Brewing

At 406 you'll find good beer, great food, local art and music and a nice backyard patio. What more do you need? During the summer months, they have the Cannery District Summer Patio Series behind 406 which is the perfect place to enjoy some music and beers.

The Daily Coffee Bar

When the Daily opened this second location on the north side of town, they made many people very happy! As one of Bozeman's longest standing coffee shops, you know it's a good one.

Dean's Zesty Booch

If kombucha is your thing, this is the place to go!

And, we can't leave off Lot G Cafe and Bozeman Oil and Vinegar. Both are local businesses we love to support.

So what does the future of the Cannery District look like? We'd say it's pretty bright! The two newest buildings that are just nearing completion will be home to Epic Athletics and Clearwater Physical Therapy. There will be space in these two buildings for several more new businesses. Further out, there are plans for a three-story structure that will surround the existing water tower. The vision is for the ground floor to have commercial, including a restaurant and outdoor space with landscaping around the water tower. Two other future structures will include both commercial and residential units. The plan is for these to be complete in the next two to three years. 

It will be exciting to see how the Cannery District continues to grow. To quote Barry Brown, one of the Cannery District developers, "Our goal was to take the property and breath another 100 years of life into." We would say they are doing a beautiful job of this.


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