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Blackwood Homes Bozeman

Blackwood Homes Bozeman

On July 30th, 2019

In a town where there are so many new developments and tons of new construction, it can be tough to stand out.  However, the Blackwood homes do more than just stand out, they rise to the top!  This single-family development in southwest Bozeman is simply stunning.  There will be 11 contemporary homes all custom designed by SMA, Mosaic and Studio H architects.  Inside each, you'll find unique and professionally designed interiors.  The beautiful Blackwood homes are impressive to say the very least.  

6589 Blackwood Road
3BD  |  2BA  |  1,995 SF
6553 Blackwood Road
3BD  |  3BA  |  2,906 SF
6577 Blackwood Road
3BD  |  3BA  |  2,552 SF
6541 Blackwood Road
3BD  |  2BA  |  1,995 SF
6629 Blackwood Road
4BD  |  4BA  |  3,026 SF
6601 Blackwood Road
3BD  |  3BA  |  2,200 SF
Click here for more information and to take a virtual walk through each of the Blackwood homes.  


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