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A Local's Guide to Bozeman, Montana

A Local's Guide to Bozeman, Montana

On Jun 25, 2024

Bozeman, Montana has become a top tourist destination. We get it, this place is pretty special. Once a place gets on the map like Bozeman it’s easy to fall into the touristy spots when visiting (or if you just moved here). Here are some things not to miss in Bozeman from a local’s perspective.
*To the other locals out there, don't worry, we'll keep some things secret!


There are so many options when it comes to dining in Bozeman! If you look on Yelp or any top restaurant site it’s going to send you to Montana Ale Works for dinner and Jam for breakfast. You won’t be disappointed if you go to these, they are just more touristy. You can’t go wrong at any of the local restaurants downtown. Blackbird, Revelry, and Café Fresco are some of our favorites on Main Street. 1864 is a hidden gem downtown so add that to your list! Some other less-known restaurants locals love are Colombo’s Pizza (an old school goodie), Vienne (for breakfast or now dinner, yay!) Ponderosa Social Club (they have a great patio) and Shan (a recent James Beard finalist). For an authentic Montana steakhouse head to Stacey’s in Gateway.


There are plenty of fantastic local shops downtown. One of our favorites is Hey Day, right on Main Street. You can find all the Montana essentials at the downtown shops. However, if you want to expand your shopping experience, you'll have to venture beyond Main. The Market at Ferguson Farm has some great shops. Salchicha and Catch are two fantastic boutiques. Grab a cup of coffee at La Camionnette, the cutest little coffee spot, and browse through the Market. Bob Ward’s near Target has all your outdoor recreation items and will be much more affordable than the downtown shops. If thrifting is your thing then you can’t miss ReCouture, this high-end consignment store is the best! And, don't forget to check out the shops in the Cannery District!


The live music scene in Bozeman is real! The obvious choice that brings in some big names is the Elm and the Rialto. Both are awesome venues that put on a great show. For something you might not think of, see who’s playing at Live from the Divide! This intimate space is so fun for live music. Tune Up, the bar below the Armory Hotel is another great option with free live music every weekend. Don’t forget the Filling Station! This long-standing, dive bar has always had live music. If music isn’t your thing, see what the Verge Theater has going on. This small theater knows how to put on a show. Or, check out Last Best Comedy for some laughs. Bourbon and The Jump often have swing dancing classes or hit up the bowling alley in Ponderosa.


There are events year-round in Bozeman, but summer is where it’s at! The Sweet Pea Festival is probably the most well-known having been around since 1978. While we love Sweet Pea, there is another art/music festival not to be missed that same weekend, SLAM. This one caters more to the locals, and it’s free! There is also Music on Main on Thursday’s, the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday’s, and Downtown ArtWalks the 2nd Friday of the summer months. Bozeman has a weekly rodeo each Thursday night. We love these events, but sometimes they get a little crowded so we suggest checking out Music in the Mountains up Big Sky, and the Livingston ArtWalk if you can.


If you don’t like the outdoors then there is no reason to visit or move to Montana! If you are here during the winter the choice is obvious – skiing! Bridger Bowl and Big Sky are the two closest ski hills. However, if you want to avoid the crowds try Showdown or Discovery. If it’s summer, the possibilities are endless. Hiking, fishing, camping, golf, floating, rock climbing, boating, this is the dream season in Bozeman! Click for our favorite hikes to peaks, lakes, and waterfalls. If you want to give camping a try, click here. We have to be honest, these posts have some great spots but in Montana, the real locals never give away the secret spots so you’ll have to discover those on your own!


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