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6 New Developments in Bozeman That You Probably Didn’t Know About

6 New Developments in Bozeman That You Probably Didn’t Know About

On July 07th, 2021

There are so many development projects in the works and so many things happening in Bozeman's real estate market right now, it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all. If you are wondering what the latest news is when it comes to development in Bozeman, you've come to the right place! Here are 6 new developments in Bozeman that you may not have known about. For more, check out these other posts on development in Bozeman

Northwest Crossing

The Northwest Crossing subdivision is located just Northwest of Gallatin High School, between Oak Street and Baxter Lane. The 160-acre development will have more than 700 residences, including a 350-unit luxury apartment community, two-story single-family homes, alley-loaded single-family homes, duplexes, single-family auto-court clusters, and three-story townhomes. The Northwest Crossing neighborhood will include a pedestrian pathway, parks, and access to the Bozeman Sports Park.

There will also be more than 150,000 sq. ft of commercial space at Northwest Crossing consisting of dining, retail, offices, entertainment, and more. The vision for the neighborhood is to create a walkable neighborhood that connects businesses and residents. Housing in Northwest Crossing is expected to come available beginning in 2023. Contact us for more information about purchasing a home in this neighborhood.

Photo credit: www.nwxbozeman.com.

The Oxbow

This new 11-acre development is located on the east side of South Cottonwood, just past the Loyal Garden subdivision. The Oxbow development is 11 acres will include 268, one to three-bedroom apartments in a “garden-style” community. According to a press release, the neighborhood will include a coffee shop, a resort-style spa, fitness, and yoga studio as well as a community kitchen, working spaces, and dog wash station. Construction is underway and the units are expected to be available in 2023. Photo Credit: www.rndhouse.com.

Bridger Meadows

While this development has not yet been approved by the city, its location along a trail near Glen Lake Park has been met by disapproval amongst residents of the Bridger Creek subdivision. The 11.87-acre parcel is located west of the Bridger Creek subdivision in what is currently open space along the Glen Lake Park trail. According to plans submitted to the city of Bozeman, the Bridger Meadows neighborhood would include 16 single-family homes and 1.72 acres of open space, and a 7.15-acre wildlife refuge. The development is in the public notice phase until July 20th, 2021.

Blackwood Groves

The Blackwood Groves neighborhood is set to be a large mixed-use subdivision located just South of the Alder Creek subdivision and West of Sacajawea Middle School. The 120 +/- acre development is designed around the vision of being a walkable, mixed-use community that offers amenities to residents and all surrounding areas. The amenities will include restaurants, retail and commercial services along with entertainment and recreational activities. The developer is focused on using parks, plazas, natural open spaces, and trails to link the neighborhood together and encourage walking and biking rather than the use of cars.

The Blackwood Groves subdivision will include 181 single-family residential lots, 15 multi-family lots, and 5 mixed-use lots. The neighborhood is meant to serve a diverse set of residents with a variety of income levels and demographics. Contact us for more information about homes in Blackwood Groves.

Photo credit: www.blackwoodgroves.com    

North Central

North Central is the largest development ever proposed in downtown Bozeman. Plans to develop several blocks North of Main Street between Willson & Tracy Avenues were submitted by Homebase Partners in early 2021. The 9 building development will take place of the Medical Arts Building, the Mountain View Care Center, and an existing parking lot. The North Central neighborhood would include 367 dwellings, both for rent and for sale. Contact us for more information about pricing & availability.

Photo credit: HomeBase Partners / SERA Design.

Buffalo Run

Buffalo Run is a 20-acre development located east of the Meadow Creek subdivision, between Fowler Lane and S. 31st Ave. The development was recently rezoned as R4 density, which will allow for “urban density homes in a variety of types, shapes, sizes, and intensities.” The neighborhood is located within close proximity to Montana State University and the Oracle Campus, which justified the need for a higher-density residential area. According to plans submitted to the City of Bozeman, the Buffalo Run development will include a mix of for-sale and for-rent properties ranging from 1-3 bedrooms allowing for a “variety of financial options and opportunities for homeownership at reasonable market rates.”

Plans for the development include an expansion of the existing Meadow Creek Park, developing pedestrian-oriented streets, and a central open space system that encourages multi-modal transportation. An existing structure will be converted into a community clubhouse which will act as a gathering space and will include a fitness facility and pool. Contact us for more information about purchasing a home in Buffalo Run.


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