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There are so many unique and wonderful locally-owned businesses in Bozeman, Montana. Here are a few of our favorites. Shop local Bozeman!

1. Vargo's Bookstore

It’s hard not to love Vargo’s bookstore in downtown Bozeman. From the unique selection of records, featured Montana authored books, staff picks marked throughout the store to jazz floating in the background, this place is unlike any other and that’s just how we like it.

2. The Farmer's Daughters 

This adorable, family-run cafe is perfect for brunch with friends or a quick grab-and-go lunch. The aesthetic is so pink and pretty, and the made-from-scratch food is delicious. It's located in the trendy RSVP Motel and run by two sisters who were raised on a 3 generation farm in Montana. You've got to love that!

3. Music Villa

Walking into Music Villa is like walking into another world. The walls are lined with incredible, one-of-a-kind and limited-edition guitars and you’ll often find a musician or two strumming along in the corner. The staff is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and there’s often something like an in-store songwriting session, instrument clinic or live performance going on here. Photo credit: www.facebook.com/musicvilla

4. Outlaw Brewing

Can’t decide what we love more about Outlaw Brewing. Is it the beer? The patio? The free popcorn? The food trucks outside? Or the fact that its kid friendly? We could never choose. Photo credit: www.facebook.com/outlawbreing

5. Hooked

If you are looking for some of the best sushi in Bozeman, there is no doubt that you’ll find it here. They are always updating the menu, so you’ll never get tired of the selection and the quirky, cozy space will make you never want to leave! Photo credit: Hooked.com

6. Wild Joe's

The coffee is great, the baristas are friendly and there’s almost always an old-time regular at the window sipping coffee and reading the paper. Our favorite thing about Wild Joe’s? The way the huge paneled windows in the front perfectly frame the Ellen Theatre across the street. Photo credit: www.wildjoescoffee.com

7. Vienne 

If you haven't been to Vienne, do yourself a favor and go there immediately. This French cafe located just off Main Street has the best pastries in town, along with beautiful sandwiches, soup, coffee, and artisan bread. The service is always warm and friendly and the space is perfect for a cappuccino and croissant. Photo credit: Vienne 

8. MAP Brewing

Literally on every best of Bozeman list we write, you just can’t beat the mountain views and delicious brews at MAP Brewing. Although it’s hard to beat a summer afternoon on the MAP patio, this is a great place to hang out year-round.

9. Cosmica

We just love how cheerful and colorful this downtown boutique is! Aside from the beautiful selection of women’s clothing and accessories, this is a great place to find unique gifts and home décor. Photo credit: www.pinterest.com

10. Heyday

HeyDay is our go-to for gift shopping, no matter what the occasion! This store has everything you could think of, and more. Even if you’re not shopping for anything in particular, just browsing this beautiful downtown space is an experience!


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