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As the fastest growing city of its size in the U.S, it’s no secret that Bozeman is growing. But, the real question is, where is everyone moving to Bozeman from? It can be tricky to dig up data on location migration to Gallatin Valley, but we’ve found some stats you might find interesting.

The IRS is able to report migration trends based on filed tax return addresses over consecutive years. With this reporting, we are able to get a picture of where people are moving to Bozeman from. 

Montana is in a clear #1 spot with 81% of people relocating to the Gallatin Valley from Yellowstone, Park, Missoula and a number of other counties. 

California is in the #2 spot, 

Washington at #3

Arizona at #4 

Utah at #5.

As for the people moving away from Bozeman, 83% of them stay in Montana, moving mostly to Yellowstone County, Park County, Missoula County and Lewis and Clark County. For people moving out of state from Montana, the most popular state to move to is Washington, followed by Arizona and Utah.

If you are wondering why people are moving to Bozeman, click here.

*the last available migration numbers from the IRS are for 2014-2015. These are the numbers reported in this article.


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