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Ten Bozeman Businesses We Wish Were Still Around

Ten Bozeman Businesses We Wish Were Still Around

On May 18, 2018

We love all the new businesses that have found their home in Bozeman these past several years. It seems like every month there's a new restaurant to try or shop to check out. However, even with all the new, there are just some Bozeman businesses that we find ourselves missing from time to time.

1. Leaf and Bean

Yes, there are plenty of other great coffee shops to get your caffeine fix but we miss everything about Leaf and Bean. The coffee and baked goods, the funky gifts, the vibe and atmosphere, the occasional live music. We could go on and on.

2. Hinky Dink

Anyone who went to college at MSU while Hinky Dink was around will understand missing this place.

3. The Bistro

There was just something so Bozeman about going to the Bistro. Maybe because back in the day it was one of the few nice downtown restaurants to go to (as was O'Briens!)

4. The Caravan

The Caravan was the go-to store downtown for jewelry and gifts (much like HeyDay is now!) It was in the space now occupied by Bar IX and always so cool that it had an upstairs. We also miss Rising Sun and Leather which was right next door.

5. Soby's

One of the best breakfasts in town. Simple, no fuss and delicious food.

6. Geyser Park

This was just off of N. 7th where there were games, go-karts, miniature golf, food and so many fun things for kids and families to do. Before that, it was a waterslide briefly and then we'll go way back to when it was a drive-in movie theater! Ah, the good old days!

7. Sylvester's

It was the one place in Bozeman with an escalator. That's enough reason to miss it.

8. 4B's and JB's

We know these aren't "fancy" places or even very Bozeman-like anymore, but who doesn't miss the tomato soup at 4B's and the ice cream bar at JB's?!

9. Powder Horn

We love Schnee's, the business that now occupies the space but the Powder Horn was so Bozeman! With all the animal mounts on the wall, it was a Bozeman kids version of going to the zoo.

10. Charlie's

As if their delicious homemade soups and sandwiches weren't enough to make us miss this place, they also sold candy that included fireballs and giant jawbreakers.

Honorable Mentions...

The Wok, Ferraro's, Country Lanes, The Bead Shop, Accents West and The Campus Square Theater


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