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Selling Your Home This Spring? Here are Some Tips!

Selling Your Home This Spring? Here are Some Tips!

On Feb 25, 2020

Spring is a prime time for home buying so get ready to see more and more homes coming on the market. This is true everywhere, but even more so in Bozeman. Many people agree it's best to wait for the snow to melt and temps to warm up before putting a for sale sign in your yard (it's also when you can finally get a for sale sign in your yard!) Here are some tips for getting your home prepped before putting it on the market to make it appealing to home buyers and hopefully have a quick turnaround.


This one should be obvious. However, we're talking about a deep, spring cleaning, not just a light dusting. One of the most common mistakes sellers make is not adequately cleaning their homes. A clean home generally looks more modern and spacious. Dirt, clutter, and grime that has been missed tend to stand out more to buyers than sellers because they are looking with a discriminating eye. It's important to go above and beyond when it comes to scrubbing a home down. Not only is it imperative to clean counters, walls, and bathroom tiles, but it's also helpful to pressure wash patios and decks, deep clean (perhaps professionally clean) carpeting and organize closets. Buyers want to look at every space in the home, so it's important that every nook and cranny is immaculate.


Bozeman has a ton of new construction so if your home is a little dated, it's going to be competing against brand new homes. Cracked floorboards, stained kitchen counters and outdated appliances can turn off buyers. Upgrading these features are a great way to ensure that your home sells as quickly as possible and for the best price! When deciding on upgrades, keep in mind not only your home’s character but also similar homes in the neighborhood. If other homes in your neighborhood have granite countertops and upgraded fixtures it may be a good idea to mirror those upgrades to stay in line with the competition. A few small investments can pay off in the end.


While your home may be decorated to your tastes, it may not appeal to potential buyers. For example, bright colors and bold décor may fit your style perfectly, but when selling your home, you want it to appeal to as many people as possible. A bright green wall in your kitchen can take away from a buyer noticing the high-end appliances or nice granite counters. Repainting the walls is the best way to make a room feel fresh and it can make the room appear more spacious.


Now is the time to get rid of what you don't need! Go through room by room and start purging. Not only will this help your home look better for showings, but you'll also be happy when it comes time to pack up and move! When it comes to staging your home for selling, less is more.


In Bozeman, it takes awhile for spring to fully make an appearance and there is a time when we are between dirty snow and grass that has yet to turn green. Do the best you can to make your home look fresh and clean from the outside. Rake up the dead leaves that have been sitting under the snow all winter long. Sweep off the front porch and add potted flowers for some color. Get a new doormat to give it a fresh look. Dust off the patio furniture and make it look inviting. Even if the trees aren't fully in bloom you can make the outside appear clean so buyers can visualize summer days outside.


Before you get photos for the listing or any showing, make sure to take a few extra steps for the best first impression. For some tips on this, click here.


This is fun to do whether you plan on listing your home or not. We've spent all winter tucked inside, so come spring everyone is ready to change things up! Switch out your flannel sheets and bedding for something light and fun. Add fresh pops of color to your home by changing a lampshade or area rug. While most homebuyers may not love a bright color paint on the wall, fun pops of color in your decorating can be very appealing. If you don't have houseplants consider adding a few. The greenery is nice while waiting for the outside trees and shrubs to blossom. If you need some more decorating inspiration, check out our Pinterest page for all sorts of home goals.


In a strong real estate market such as Bozeman, it's easy to think selling your home on your own is a good idea and a way to save a few bucks. However, this simply isn't the case for so many reasons. We also are in a town where everyone seems to know someone who is a real estate agent. But, just because your best friend's sister is an agent, does not mean you should work with them. Your agent is going to be helping you with one of your biggest financial purchases so you want someone you can work with. Interview a few different agents to make sure you find the right fit.

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